Monday, December 15, 2008

Rewarded with Rushing

Hubby and I are heading into the city not to see the lights or go to a fancy holiday party...but to babysit, of course. This activity seems to be the most popular on our social calendar over the winter holidays. We have also been asked to pick a 'few' days during the two weeks that school is closed over the holidays to spend time with (take care of) the grandchildren.

I know the cost of babysitters and know that we would be saving them a fortune, and I love being with my grandchildren, and do not resent this in any way. We are asked and not 'expected'. But I can see how some grandparents would consider this an imposition if they found children exhausting or their own lives more interesting.

I, on the other hand, know how fast life rushes by and how fast these children will want to spend time with friends their own age rather than old people, so do not regret one second. And my holidays do not require much rushing around now that I no longer work.

Having said that, rushing to make and decorate Christmas cookies is not as good an idea. But my problem is that I say "When life gives you lemons, you can try still life art." My reach frequently exceeds my grasp. I also say that cookies that look handmade are far more delicious to eat. (I admit that adding the sprinkles was a bit too much!)


  1. Tabor my time and thoughts with grandchildren is similar to yours.
    The reason I moved from being 1 hour to 15 minutes away from my 2 little ones. Now thinking of moving back to homeplace. No more then I babysit - I ask - does 1 hour versus 15 minute trip make me not follow my heart?
    Yes, these times go quickly as I remember those grandchildren in college. Grandma is not a high priority at this time on their list.

  2. It isn't how many minutes you spend, it's the quality of those minutes. We power-pack all kinds of adventures into the children's lives and I believe they will always look back remembering more moments than there actually were. At least I hope they will.

  3. Those handmade cookies look wonderful.
    And you know every child loves sprinkles!!!

    Bear((( )))

  4. Heavens yes. Some day will come when they're too big to sit.

  5. As for me, I wouldn't be able to wait to bite one of the heads off of those cookies. Yum!

  6. I love your cookies! The sprinkles were a good addition.

  7. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I too am asked and not counted on and that gives babysitting more of an attraction for me. I told Bryce's parents that I could do it up to once a week if needed, but usually Joe and I alternate those weeks. It's an hour drive and I have to get up early but for me it's a just a blimp of a change in my schedule and the pay off (play time with Bryce) is worth it. He changes so fast and I am still in amazement and full of wonder about him. Every activity is almost a first.

    The cookies look deliciously fun.

  8. Oh how I agree about the babysitting and grandparenthool!

    Those cookies just look so happy, who could fail to smile to see them!

  9. I liked your cookies. :) I'd LOVE to babysit but I must wait until they can feed, dress and bath themselves. lol


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