Sunday, December 07, 2008

Blue Christmas

I am sitting here in the early evening after a cold winter wind has rattled the windows all day long. Even the wrapping of presents could not shake the gray loneliness from my shoulders. I was in a pensive and cold mood. I had read Tammy's post where she indicated that her holidays did not necessarily leave her with nice cozy memories. Divorces and children scattered to other geographies left her more pensive than celebratory at this time of year. I put on my old Christmas CD's, and of course, the first to be played was an Andy Williams CD. Talk about nostalgia!

After reading Tammy's post I remembered those Christmases after the children had grown and were living too far away to come home for any holiday. Our house was so quiet and empty. I just could not wait for the weeks to pass and get on with preparation for springtime!

Now once again I am blest with family that is close and even new little ones to bring back the old memories. But Tammy's post reminded me that not everyone is feeling so warm and friendly this time of year.

I will keep this thought close and remember to smile more when I go out, say nice things to strangers that I may encounter and to keep my wallet close to the top of my purse for those charities that need help. I will also remind myself to gulp every day as if it was golden honey, because the times will come when each day is not this way.


  1. Tabor, I'm glad you will have your family this year and really got my post. Everyday is a choice of spirit and I chug that golden honey every day I can. HUGS

  2. Good advice, Tabor. I thank God everyday for the closeness of my family.

  3. The holiday season is so much more than presents. I relish the sights and sounds and the chill in the air. Those things all wrap me in thoughts of family, friends (i.e. bloggers) and how blessed I am in this life.

  4. holidays do indeed bring up so many different feelings for people. thanks for this meaningful post which reminds us.

    i can just imagine the excitement you guys will have watching little ones find their christmas surprises!

  5. You are so right that this time of the year is sometimes not the happy time for some folks.
    In fact it can be the most depressing time for some because they feel they SHOULD be celebrating but circumstances in their lives have changed that time forever.
    Bear((( )))

  6. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Funny, I thought I read this before. I think there is another post titled Blue Christmas posted on someone else's blog.

    Hope it's mostly red and merry.


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