Monday, November 03, 2008


Tomorrow, as early as I can muster, I will go to my polling place to vote. I am "dreading" the possible rainy weather and the possible long lines since I did not decide to vote by absentee ballot. If I had lived in this small town for longer, perhaps I would see this as an opportunity to visit with townfolk that I had not seen in a long time. It would be an opportunity to catch up on the activities of children and grandchildren. If I had volunteered, as I was asked a few weeks ago, to work at the polling place, I would be so busy that I would not have time to dread a long line. Instead I would be dreading the long day! But I passed this effort this time and actually hope to volunteer in some way in the coming years.

In all honesty I am not totally dreading the voting lines or the slowness of process. I am excited as I always have been every time I voted over the years. I am romantic and passionate about my country and the beauty of this process whereby we select those who will lead us. Sure, sometimes my candidate doesn't get in and once or twice we even get a duffus who hasn't a clue about the constitution and the significance of the job ( like the last two presidential elections). I only missed one vote since I turned 18 and that was when I was living overseas and failed to get an absentee ballot on time. Early years that I have gone to cast my vote I took my small children with me so that they could see this important process. I talked to them about how powerful it was and when they grew up, they all could be a participant in this process.

I disagree with Sara Palin and honestly believe that every single person in line with me tomorrow will be pro-American. Every person will be from the "Real" part of the States in America. And I am proud to stand with them no matter how they vote. And if you have not already voted or are not going to vote better have a d**n good reason!


  1. AMEN! Since it is supposed to rain tomorrow, I am very thankful that we voted last Monday. I sure hope that people don't let rain keep them away from the polls.

  2. Anonymous7:28 PM

    It's more American than apple pie. I'll think of you and all my pro-Obama blog friends when I'm in line tomorrow.

  3. Obama/Biden 2008

    I voted for obama about 10 days ago and meant to take a photograph of the ballot marked by his name! I was so excited and so ready to cast my vote that I put it in the envelope and headed out to the Post Office before I remembered I had wanted a photo of the historic moment that I could vote for this extraordinary man. Oh, well...I will have many other moments of historic proportion in the coming years of his presidency. I see that Dixville Notch, NH just did their midnight voting - Obama 15 to McCain 6! I am hoping for a landslide...a mandate and a clear message to the GOP that we are finished with some of the shenanigans we have witnessed during the past 8 years.

    Enjoy your voting day - it really is more fun to vote at the polls! I just couldn't deal with the lines this time. How much fun it would be to run into people like you at the would make standing in line worth it, for sure!

  4. I early voted several weeks ago.
    I could hardly sleep last night thinking of the history that is going to be made today.
    Hopefully you do not have to stand in the rain.
    Obama you are our only hope.

  5. I voted before I left on my trip to D.C. Now, just from your post and comments, I realize that I'm missing all the fun!
    That's a wonderful tradition they have at Dixville Notch, isn't it? Really highlights the importance, privilege, rarity, of this sacred act.

  6. Drove to the fire station and stood in a line for about 30 minutes, just a little while in the rain. Most of the citizens were my age and I guessed retired and pretty much emotionally involved in this election. The poll staff were extremely friendly...almost overly so, and I wondered if that was because they anticipated some angry voters?

  7. I voted absentee ballot two weeks ago. I will probably be glued to the TV set until the wee small hours, or I fall asleep; whichever comes first. We are not only electing a president but are electing our representatives and the outcome of that is very important too. It is a tense but exciting time.

  8. We stood in line today. It was a long line extending outside the building and the weather was perfect. It is rare that you find so many people in a long line where they will be walking away empty handed, yet they are all in a great mood. There was laughing and joking and greeting friends and family and no one was angry. The arguments are over, the politics are over, and now we can rally around our new President. American The Beautiful!


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