Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Thoughts #13

1. Yesterday we put in a three-foot high retaining wall and moved about 15 wheelbarrows full of dirt to the area. I said to my husband that my mother would be greatly dismayed to learn, after my expensive college education, I had become a 'ditch digger' in my old age. His response: "At least it's your own ditch!"

2. I do not know which I hated most yesterday as I sat on a small stool in the dirt and wound large bolts into the posts of the retaining wall...the smell of the deer repellent I had just sprayed throughout the yard or the smell of the Deet that I had sprayed on my legs due to the mosquitoes.

3. We are approaching what is called 'open season' in the health care world and my husband and I will be changing health insurance carriers. Why do I think this is going to be a maze from which I will probably need hospital care?

4. I have been married 38 years yet I keep forgetting that when my husband asks if I want to go for a boat ride, he really means do I want to spend 4 hours fishing up and down the bay---NOT a lovely sunset ride with a glass of wine in hand?

5. My kitchen floor is frequently covered with bits of food after cooking which is a very good reason I need to get a dog. My floors were clean when I had a dog. Even the one-year-old granddaughter cannot keep my floors clean these days.

6. I am thinking about letting my hair go gray...yep...Oddly, Hubby is more shocked about this thought than I am.

7. #6 above means I am probably letting myself go in retirement, but I still put on mascara and lipstick before I head to the Post Office. All of my vanity is not totally gone.

8. The whole family sat around the metal fireplace that we put out on the new patio last weekend. I noticed that sitting around fires keeps the 20 and 30-somethings and even the little ones subdued long enough to have great conversations.

9. Loving this 80 degree weather but I know that the colder fall air is jet-streaming over the trees this week.

10. I have been using the elliptical machine fairly regularly (running 2.5 miles about 3 times a week) and after much sweat---real, honest, disgusting sweat---I have finally lost 10 pounds. 15 to go...I hate the the free weights and the yoga and most especially the stretching at the end when I get to lie down.


  1. I miss reading you and about fifteen others in the community ... but you always had me going "Yup...I know just what she means."

    Thanks so much for taking the time to come and read my 'weakest link' statement yesterday. Someone wrote and asked why I don't just do both. I told them I couldn't even do the one anymore, with any consistency.

    Anyway - I love your 'ditch' story... love that you may go gray (I have- long ago - it's painless, cheap and humbling) ... and oh you are SO right about a good fire rallying people for conversation.

  2. Yes I know from whence thou comest. There was actually a time I would not go to town in shorts and certainly not without makeup. Now my big decision when running to the post office is whether to put on my bra or not.

  3. Tabor I can relate to a lot of this. After my divorce and coming from a world of carrying a briefcase. Bought my farm, bought a truck, hauled everything for the yard, loved my big riding mower. Did more physical work then ever in my life, but I sure slept well at night. I have to fight to keep weight on.
    Even now at rolling past 70 I just automatically put on my face in the morning. Also when I let my hair go natural - it is not pretty gray. It looks like a mouse. So the brown rinse helps and the gray still shines through. Guess this is just me. Oh yes, everyone loves to sit around the fire. All you are doing will be things you look back at and smile. Trust Me.

  4. I'll bet all that really hard physical labor you are doing in your yard helped with the weight loss.

    I need to get moving as my morning started out with a depressing step on the scales. I have gained another five pounds. I know it's partially attributed to the six or seven hours a day I spend sitting in front of the computer. Of course a Danish for breakfast had nothing to do with it. ;)

  5. I vote for gray hair. It is so freeing, somehow, not to have to worry about it anymore.

    Your husband had a good point about the ditch!!

  6. #6 LOL Sounds like your enjoying retirement. ;) Fun post!

  7. Our ditch is not that large or deep but I like your husband's attitude, Tabor, and loved your list.

    Annie at the Tranplantable Rose

  8. This is a great list. :)

    I have decided to do the same with my hair, which has my mom in a fit. Well, because I refuse to color OR cut it.

    The free weights, yoga, and stretching are just as important than the cardio. Congrats on your weightloss! 10 pounds is a huge feat in itself. You might find that tweaking your workout just a little can sometimes make a huge difference. Like, say adding 10 minutes on one of the days. Now if there were only more hours in the day.

    This post put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  9. good for you and congrats on your weight loss, tabor!! as hard as you work outside i am surprised you need anymore exercise!

    i thought i had left a comment and remember writing it, but perhaps i shut down the computer before i sent it. about the makeup - i do well to get dressed to run errands. you would be shocked how often (fortunately, at night only) i ride with hubby all over town in my gown and robe! he goes inside while i people watch from the van! i do wear makeup when we go out or i go to appts but not to run errands or do routine shopping. i do comb my hair, brush my teeth, and wash my face, however! ;)

    can't go totally gray - i would look like my gorgeous husband's adopted mother (i am american; he is east indian)! and i do so much enjoy my monthly visits to the hairdresser where we chat and have great fun, and when i leave i look much better than when i entered.

  10. I cannot wait to retire...wishing my life away....I know why no man looks at me, as I rarely wear makeup like I used enjoy reading about your world...

  11. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I always want to add 3 more to these to make them 13 on Thursday. The one about the boat ride made me laugh. Some people really look good withe grey/white hair.


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