Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Madness--Feeling "Blue" and Needing a Nap

1. I am very very tired of hearing how getting an ivy league education makes you an elitist. It makes you (or means your already were) smart and/or rich...and only, perhaps if lucky or hardworking, you can become a member of the elite. Was our last Ivy League educated president an elitist? (Def. elite: being an expert in an area.)

I am very very tired of class warfare. Some rich citizens are greedy crooks and/or lazy and some poor citizens are greedy crooks and/or lazy. Making everyone a black or white peg is even more lazy and cannot help solve our problems. Most of us are hard working and honest.

3. I am very very tired of all the hoopla about the price of gas. We in American are not having any effect on its rise or fall in price anymore...other countries are. We have lost our strong economic lead in the world...get over it.

4. I am very very tired of hearing how the "bailout/rescue" package will work. Anything it does is temporary. The economy will be forced to correct itself when the value of everything from stocks to housing prices to jobs reaches true values once again and this will be months and months from now. There will be more death and destruction along the way. (Most of the rich will be impacted only in the amount of caviar they can consume.)

5. I am very very tired of hearing talking heads on TV discuss the stupid issues and refuse to delve into the more complicated issues because we are a nation of channel surfers and want our news microwaved not baked. (ACORN is a primary example.)

6. I am very very tired of Barack Obama being touted as the first Black American candidate who has gotten close to being elected. Our culture is so prejudiced that his mother's heritage is trumped by any tinge of 'other.' I've got news, if elected he will be our first Bi-racial President.

7. I am very very tired of the lack of statesmanship and honesty that this election has been reduced to. Both sides have gotten mud all over themselves and it isn't even solid enough to make good pottery. Where are the great leaders?

8. I am very very tired of the argument that 'experience' trumps intelligence when we are looking for leadership. A President will have access to great advice. So if an intelligent candidate seems inexperienced look at the advisers that he/she selects. And of course the counter argument put out is that being an insider and having lots of experience is bad. Just look at the their record.

9. I am very very tired of the lack of transparency in our Republican candidates. John McCain's wife said that Sarah Palin was vetted very carefully and she was ready for prime time and to "Bring it on." OK, when is this babe ready for taking on the "liberal press?" As Tina Fey comments, she gets lost in a corn maze when talking about important issues. (I remember Bush's restriction of access by the press and lack of press conferences. The free press may be mostly liberal because it constantly questions, but truth trumps all.)

10. I am very very tired of the fact that this Presidential election has taken the focus off of our Congressional and State elections. This is where much important work will be done in this economy. Thus, I am all for shorter campaign trails with more restricted spending on them. (Disclosure: Since I have recently moved to this local part of the state I need to get my game on in this area.)

Now I will go take a nap and not rant about this election anymore because whomever inherits this mess deserves a medal, it is a promise!


  1. You deserve a nap. You have said it all and you have said it very well. Sleep tight:-)

  2. We all deserve a nap after the last 6 months! DITTO to all you said!

  3. You have made EXCELLENT points Tabor! We all could use a nap after this election! I agreed with you 100%. Barack was raised in middle America by his white grandparents for goodness sake. lol

  4. You said it well, my dear friend...
    I was talking with one of my dear black friends. I mentioned that he was not black because his mother was white...she promptly told me the one drop rule. If there is one drop of black blood, then he is black...I'm with you he is bi-racial....

  5. You sound very very tired.
    Sometimes I wonder when the American public are going to say enough is enough about the amount of time and money spent on electing a president for the USA.

    Bear((( )))

  6. After all that, you MUST be tired...VERY, VERY TIRED. Have a nice nap.

  7. Almost makes you wonder if we need to do a psych test on anyone who's crazy enough to want the job, doesn't it?

  8. After this endless campaign I think we are all tired and need a nap. I know I do. You have summed it up well.

  9. yes, unfortunately we still go by the one drop rule when black and white mix - ridiculous stuff wayyy overdue for change!

    hope you got the nap you needed. that was a long list of "tireds" and "very tireds". this election can surely wear us all out!

    could someone, anyone tell joe biden to stick to the teleprompter or the written notes?

  10. Anonymous7:51 PM

    And today there was a letter to the editor in our local newspaper warning that Barack was raised Muslim when he was young. I'm like ... he wasn't...but if what?

    Intelligence? I just saw Palin being interviewed once again on the NBC Nightly News (with one of her handlers: John McCain.) She obviously doesn't have a clue and bluffs the answer to every question with smoke and mirrors.

    Got a Democratic Rally in Floyd tomorrow night, should be interesting.

  11. Yes, the long trail to this day (two years!) is tiring, repetitive, and deadening in its reduction to sound-bites. Here's where we must give McCain his due in trying to reform campaign spending. I'd like to see Obama reach across the aisle to work with McCain on this so we never have to go through it again. The amount of money thrown at TV ads in a tit-for-tat frenzy is unconscionable.


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