Monday, August 04, 2008

Tabor's Holiday

View from inside the African American Museum

I have had two sets of company visiting and staying back to back last week. (I am really not the social animal that is painted by this blog. I do not attend a church, belong to any clubs (yet), or party hearty on weekends. While no one I know would describe me as an introvert I do seek out the quiet times more often than not. I am fortunate to know some nice people who drop by during the summer months. Actually my husband is the real social butterfly in this finely aged duo.)

Anyway, Mr. Butterfly invited two buddies down for a weekend o
f fishing after the above busy week and I was immediately motivated to conclude that Tabor needed an 'alone' holiday. I headed up to my daughter's house for the same weekend. She was going to be away with family, and I would have the whole place to myself. The tiny house is within walking distance of a metro's ride to the center of Washington D.C. and all of its free and wonderful museums...are you getting jealous?

The famous Smithsonian Castle

Entry to Moongate Garden

I took my camera along and found that I needed this alone time to adjust my viewpoint and to take time for some focused photography. Having seen these outside architectural pleasantries many times, I photographed with a new eye and new angles and then used Paintshop Pro to have fun tweaking away with styles, hues, etc. I personally think they look cool and refreshing in this way...little egocentric gal that I am. You can click on them for a larger view.

Moongate Garden


  1. I am happy for you. Just what you needed. But almost envious of this get away and your wonderful camera talent.
    Would love to have them both.
    Maybe they are around the corner.

  2. Ernestine, Not much talent involved, I am afraid. Mostly tenacious work on learning the software...although I like to think the composition element reflects some talent! Thanks.

  3. What a wonderful thing you did for you.
    Sometimes we forget to treat ourself especially when we have been busy with other people in our lives.
    Your pictures are wonderful.

    Bear((( )))

  4. You mean to say you were up there on the same weekend I was????? My daughter probably lives close to yours. We should plan something.

  5. Nicely photogged. Moongate Garden is spectacular.

  6. what fun and great photos, tabor! moongate garden looks enticing. glad you had some R&R. maybe you guys could take an "entertaining break" until at least september! ;)

  7. I also like the "tweaking" bits. It brings out textures, lighting, colors and geometric designs I might not have noticed while the photo was in it's normal state.

    I agree with the above posts. The Moongate photo is something!


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