Sunday, August 24, 2008

Passing the Time

Company (my kids) should be here in less than an hour. Hubby has harvested the last batch of crab and I am steaming them as I type this blog. I do not like the sound of scratching claws on the inside of the pot so have retreated upstairs to blog and pretend that I am not actually killing my lunch.

I can no longer view videos in either Firefox or Internet Explorer on my PC and decided to try to solve that new and irritating problem. I have upgraded Adobe Flas
h as suggested, cleaned up the tools section of both browsers and still I cannot view any videos. Popups are not blocked and I 'think' I have adjusted anything on my firewall that could prevent me from watching something on YouTUBE and still I cannot view videos. Ach! One of the disadvantages of retirement is that you loose that little group of geeky guys who would most generously stop by and fix my computer. I hate technology and how it wastes ones time.

By the way, the photo above was not a wind vane....


  1. If you have IE 7 - (if you can't find the boxes below then you have IE 6)

    go to tools-->manage add ons-->enable or disable add ons-->in "show" drop down, choose "add ons that have been used by IE"--> in section below that find shock wave flash and ensure status says "Enabled." if it is disabled, then click on it and choose the "enable" button below the section and then click on OK and close all IE windows and reopen a new one.

    hope this works.

  2. Hope what sky said helps - cause I sure can't.

  3. Well, then, it was likely a vain wind. There, that settles that.

  4. Great photo, Tabor! And what a nice blue sky!


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