Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

I am providing childcare this weekend. One parent is on a four-day golf trip and the other parent is on an overnight to watch a dance show!

My conversations with this small person revolve around Sally and McQueen although I have to listen carefully as it sounds like Sayee and Keen when discussing their various attributes or where they have hidden themselves. If you don't know who Sally and McQueen are, your life is bereft of meaning...what can I say.

He discovered his pockets this morning and found that both Sally and McQueen can fit inside them. This is a very good talent, because Grandma pointed out that his suicidal trips up and down stairs can now be hands free so that he can hang on to the banister, as opposed to holding a toy in both hands and attempting a heart stopping gymnastic balancing act. His Mother now has the fun of learning what small boys can cram in their pockets before or after doing the laundry. (This basement gets some rather large crickets as the weather cools, so that should be interesting.)

As I am writing this blog, the little guy went upstairs to the kitchen and I heard his little footfalls on the dining room floor. Then I heard him calling my name in great excitement. I couldn't quite understand what he was saying. It sounded like "Neeaa! Sum up!!" and when I made it to the dining room I saw it was filled with rays of bright golden sun and realized he was telling me that the Sun was up! This was what was making his day. (As you can guess he got me up before the sun.)

His grandfather cannot understand why all the doors and windows in the house must be closed as he goes from room to room and yet Xman wants none of his toys to remain in their containers when we straighten up the playroom.

He is the energizer bunny. My daughter was fighting a nasty cold earlier in the week and he was home from daycare fighting the last of the same germ, so she had both little ones to care for as well as herself. When I got home from work a little early she was so relieved. Near tears she told me that keeping up with one sick boy and a new baby when feeling so bad herself was about all she could take for the day. She told me just one of her adventures. She had to go to the bathroom (of course) and asked Xman to be a good little boy while she placed Angel in the baby rocker and then went to relieve herself. She told the me the results with tears in the corners of her eyes and a smile in the corners of her mouth. "Mom, everything was very quiet, but when I left the bathroom as I went to pick up the baby I saw that Angel had train stickers all over her forehead!"

We are going to the zoo this morning after Grandpa and I hit I-Hop. I will be bringing the camera and adding to my album of Xman. Probably to the thousands of photos already and he is only 2 and half. What will I do when his Sister, Angel, begins her activities?

Well, it is now 9:00 and I am still in my pajamas and wearing bedhead. Must get moving.


  1. My younger daughter complains about the lack of photos of her childhood. The grandchildren all have ambums dedicated to them...LOL
    I suppose if I had had a digital camera back in the 70's, we would be totally overrun by photos now.

    He sounds precious, and I love IHOP and zoos! Can I come?

  2. I always get nervous when the little ones get real quiet and they are out of my sight! LOL! Trains stickers? I hope they were easier to get off than indelible marker!

    My daughter was upset when she asked for animal crackers and all the store had were Sally and McQueen (and their friends) shaped ones - a special edition.

  3. Enjoy every precious moment. It seems only yesterday that my grandson was 2 years old and tomorrow he will be a great big boy of 11.

  4. What I wouldnt give to have a grandchild! All I get are grand puppies!

  5. Thanks for the visit, Tabor,a nd for going to meet Nick and Nora. No, I don't know the parents at all. She used to live in Raleigh, but I didn't know her. My daughter has boy/girl twins, so there's a connection. Also, I've been reading her blog for over 2 years; she has been through IVF at least 2 times and wanted a baby so badly. She had miscarried several times, so the fact that they now have two of their own is wonderful!!

  6. Well, I don't know Sally, but I know the other one, McQueen. Steve McQueen, right?

  7. You're making me miss my mom :). I don't know how I could have survived without her when my 3rd was born, and I'm so thankful she stuck around for 2 more years!

    I love reading your perspective as a grandma. You actually make it sound so endearing... whereas I unfortunately view a lot of this as work work work. It's not all that, now is it?



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