Sunday, December 10, 2006

Run Down Musings

Totally alone all weekend with my millions of alien microbes. How many boxes of kleenex does it take to win a war? I am suffocating in my own body fluids and yet the river continues to flow. What a disappointment to discover that flu shots are ineffectual. The genesis of all this was a babysitting consequence that I had volunteered for this Sunday past. That venue also has three sick people trying to make it through the hours. Thank the fates that hubby and son are thousands of miles away in the land of snow.

My arrival at work after three days of rest on Friday was not met with sympathy but by annoyed co-workers sending me home back again as if I carried the plague. (They were right, of course, but I had become so lonely, and there were deadlines.)

While the throat no longer is on fire and the body thermostat has leveled off, I still have a smarting chest, a pressure headache and insomnia. And all I can think about is all the holiday errands that have been shelv
ed. (And how much refuse there is on cable when one has to pass the time.)

Could someone make me another cup of mint tea, puhleeze.


  1. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Sorry to hear that you're feeling down. I had one flu shot in my life and a few days later, I was down with flu. So never again.
    Drink lots of fluids :)
    Wish I were around to make you a nice cuppa!h

  2. Ugh! That sounds nasty. I have only chamomile tea here. I'm not much into flavored teas, but I'd fix you all the hot regular tea you can drink.

    Getting behind can be very stressful. Hope you feel better soon and things go your way.

  3. my hubby and i got sick sunday after thanksgiving and we only returned to partially normal health on december 7th! i still cough some and blow my nose frequently! this virus holds on, it seems.

    oh, i hope you will stay out of work until you are well. i remember colleagues who came to work sick when i was working and how those of us who were well became annoyed! deadlines can't be met if everyone ends up sick anyway, so in the longrun it makes sense to recover first. hope you are better soon. sending get well wishes your way! :)

  4. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Oh! Now I get the above post better.

  5. :( Hope you are feeling better by now, that sounds ghastly.
    I get a cold every 9-10 years. The worst cold in my life was in 1996, right after the only flu shot I ever got. My sinuses were so icky my face swelled up.
    Yuck. I know people who swear by zinc for colds, don't know if it's that effective for flu and other similar "bugs" though.


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