Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back to the dark ages with the digital commons

Go here for some news on how your children and grandchildren will solve the world's problems! The photo is also a link.


  1. You know, that is kind of sad. I read a letter to the editor not too long ago, wrtitten by a high school student. He posited there was no longer any need for libraries because everything one would need for education, research or entertainment is online, on TV, or otherwise available in electronic media.
    Maybe I'm reaching old fogey-hood, but there is something about paper and books and real print. The NYT is my home page, but I always get the Sunday print edition, it just feels more permanent or something.

  2. An issue that people may forget is when state and federal administrations change so do their web pages and frequently significant publications disappear...except for the libraries that still keep the hard copies!


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