Wednesday, July 19, 2006

One of those Days...

Hubby's surgery is this morning. 15 needles the size of ... well, never mind, breathing in and breathing out.

(Remember to smile. In the process of moving the sofa table which did not have the top drawers taped shut I cautioned: "Be careful, don't drop the drawers."
Hubby's response. "I can drop drawers at a moments notice. Just let me know.")


  1. Good luck! Many well wishes and a giggle on this post. LOL

  2. Thinking of you both!! (as I type quietly so as not to awaken my hubby). Hope he pulls through with a clean bill of health!

  3. What a wonderful sense of humor. A great stress reliever. Hoping all goes well.

  4. sending many good wishes for your hubby to move past this detour with ease.

    ohhhhh dear at the needles! i am so needle phobic. hope he isn't!

  5. So, keep us updated, if you can. We want to be able to relax when all is well again.


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