Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blog Coordination

I have been asked by some blog pals to create one last post for "Build This House" and so, I will leave it up for a few weeks longer---hoping for that peaceful time when I can post a final photo that shows we know we belong.

I drank all the deleted that blog. (Don't worry, I have a small wine cooler in the new kitchen and will slowly add that.) Actually, I think I will start a spreadsheet which will be more useful to me. If I get that going I can share.

Therefore, since I do like this 'working with words thing' and posting digital photos, I have started a new blog about the Great Outdoors which is the other room of my new house.

Welcome to my unfinished yard.


  1. Ahh, a blank slate to work with. Have fun.

  2. Good news Tabor.

    You know you cannot drop us too abruptly from your "Build This House" blog as we just might get bad withdrawal symptoms until we are sure you are all snug as a bug and settled.

  3. Now comes the "fun." Ho ho.

  4. You look like you are having fun!
    Beautiful trees.


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