Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Patience - the Slow Tango

Ask you can see from the photo above, my patience paid off. It took me almost another hour, but once I was down to a few tangles the resolution was fast and easy. I had to be really slow and patient, though, because the necklace wanted to dance itself back into a tango of knots at every time I sighed with frustration and accidentally shuddered. I think it was dancing because of the results of our late meeting with the doctor (proctologist urologist---both sound pretty dismal) last night.

I wore the necklace to work today. It was in celebration of the 94% cure (NOT remission) rate that the doctor promised my husband. These are odds that everyone would wish for. We are going ahead with the 'seed' therapy which has the least side effects and the one day down time. The only drawback (well not the only but the big drawback) and unusual restriction is that he cannot hold his grandson for any length of time for 60-90 days.

I will not write about the process in detail (unless someone needs information for their own journey down this path and lets me know). I am sure there will be some set backs, but we are optimistic because we have a ton of stuff to do in our long lives ahead.


  1. The necklace is beautiful and that is great news! God, life can be full of ups and downs.

    How will you store the necklace so it doesn't tangle again? Don't let little X-man get hold of it.

    That is an unusual restriction. Is it a muscle-loss thing? That he could drop him or something?

    May your setbacks be small ones.

  2. Seed therapy has to do with actual radiated metal seeds with two-week half lives being planted near the tumor. Therefore, small children cannot sit on his lap for any extended time. It sounds strange but has become a more common treatment.

  3. I love to hear good news Tabor and your hubby's positive prognosis is wonderful.



  4. Wonderful news re your husband's forthcoming treatment, Tabor. What miracles modern medicine can offer these days.

    Also glad you sorted out that necklace. I was itching to get my hands on it; I just love untangling things - so therapeutic!

  5. I'm so happy for you and your hubby. Tell hubby, my hubby is going in today for a colonoscopy, inspired by your hubby. I told him he had to do it! He's not a happy camper. Necklace looks great!

  6. Oh that is WONDERFUL news about your husband, Tabor! I realize there will still be some hills to climb (I'm sure) during the process, but hey, hills beat mountains any day of the week.

    Also -- that necklace is lovely. Now, where do I send you my mother's so that you can untangle that one for me? :)

  7. I just thought of a great idea. You can tell your grandson that he is actually "helping" his grandpa to get all better. It might work better in a child's mind than just "nope, you can't sit on his lap for awhile."

    I'm sure you've already thought of a dozen ways to handle this. I just always have to put in my two cents worth.

  8. Tabor, just wanted you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts as hubby goes about his treatment. Did you get my note about the orchids? The fact that yours are blooming on dry shaded ground has peaked my curiosity. Tashi, Cate

  9. I take great faith in doctors, Tabor, and you can too. 94% is SUPER odds. Good luck to all.


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