Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Winding Down Time

I woke up at my regular time this morning (5:30 AM). We had driven back yesterday (9.5 hours) and stopped by the new house on the way to see the past two weeks of work. There was just enough daylight as we arrived about 5:30. By the time we reached the apartment it was 9:30. I unpacked the necessary stuff, had a dish of ice cream for dinner and fell into bed with the necessary exhaustion for a good night's sleep.

The drive was particularly long because we were without children and grandchildren (they has left earlier in the week). Even so, the car was still busting with stuff. We had added leftover groceries and my husband had moved some of the stuff that had been tied under the overhead canoe into the back storage area of the car.

We got into the city around 8:00 PM and offloaded the bicycles and rack at the old rental house where we continue to store stuff with the good graces of our former landlady. We didn't unpack the rest and will do that today. I sit here in the apartment surrounded by suitcases and carry bags and dread picking up the two weeks of mail waiting for me at the Post Office.

Today we head down to my daughter's house and unload all of the baby stuff. They (being jetsetters that they are) are flying down to Miami for a long weekend to visit some friends they haven't seen in two years. They are bringing Xman and Grandma and Grandpa think they are crazy and being spendthrifts, but such is life.

Like the car, my head is also stuffed with bittersweet memories of the trip. Life goes by so fast and everyone has so much to do. There are so many obligations and responsibilities. I am always preparing for life's change in my mind it seems that it tends to interfer with the enjoyment of the present.

I have a number of themes and ideas that I would like to write as a blog, but will probably forget everything in rush of today's errands. It is a good thing that blogs do not have editors!


  1. Glad to hear everybody is back safe and sound, and I hope your daughter and family have a safe trip to Florida.

    I'm exhausted just reading your post!

  2. Peruby, It always amazes me how coming back from a vacation and unpacking everything is so exhausting it almost erases the vacation!

  3. I had to smile when I read your comment about unpacking after getting back home from a vacation.

    My feeling exactly. The first week that I was back, I did a little, laid down, did a little and laid down.

    The second week I was more like my OLD self.

    Before I left Florida I had to empty the refig, came home and had to fill it up. What a job!!

  4. Glad you're back home! Although I know what you mean about getting back from a vacation and realizing that nothing is ever put on hold while you're gone. It's stressful just trying to get settled in again, and the longer you're gone the worse it is!

  5. I agree, the stuff you must do when you get home is so bad , you need a vacation again. LOL

  6. How was the new house? Did you have any BIG surprises? Once when we were building a house we went out of town for a week and the builder had used the wrong brick and had finished one entire side of a two story house. He later tore it down and got it right...

    I hope all was fine and dandy at your house.

  7. I know that feeling - getting on with everyday life whilst the head is busy with a passing parade of blog ideas. For bloggers it's a case of 'Life is what happens in between posts!'


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