Sunday, November 20, 2005

Epilogue to Life Story #2

As sometimes happens in life, an action or memory will be followed closely by a coincidental activity that makes you pause. Those of you who read my posting " Life Story #2" may be interested in something that we received yesterday in the mail. A distant relative of my husband's was going through her mother's things and came across the letter and enclosed photo above that was taken in front of Morro Castle. The letter was written by my mother-in-law regarding the infamous Cuba trip and now at least gives me a dated reference.
This photo above is just a little different than the one I posted, isn't it? The letter went on to say that Castro's two sisters who fought by his side were also at the hotel. She also wrote about the stories the Cubans told of Batista's cruelty and the details (if true--30,000 people tortured) which are just as awful as the details from Abu Graib and from Saddam's despotic rule. She wrote about a story she was told of 3 million dollars stashed in a graveyard as the revolution came down and an urn of Batista's that was filled with human eyeballs! The more things change the more they stay the same.


  1. Gross! An urn full of eyeballs. That's sick. (shudder)

  2. This, combined with the original, is one heck of a post! You know, my mom wrote many letters to relatives and friends during her life. I would LOVE for someone to approach me with any of her writings ... it would be such a kick to compare her detailing of stories and family events in contrast with my own memories!

    Such an interesting life you and hubby have had.

  3. Double wow. Very interesting. I suppose I should read a bio of Batista...those eyeballs got me too. Is that Che in this picture? What an adventure.


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