Monday, December 06, 2004

I have this little cheat

I can't get my thoughts together for blogging right now. My husband is at a late seminar and he has scheduled a medical X-ray for after the seminar late this evening...always the one to try to squeeze 13 activities into a crate for a dozen. When I turned on my cell phone to call him I found a message waiting for me that had come in a few hours earlier.

It was from my youngest sister. She has told me that the mass on my mother's liver is indeed growing fast and they are going to put her in hospice. They put her in the hospital this weekend. The medical staff never explored this mass due to her age --87--and her weakening kidneys and told us to hope for the best--that was back in September.

Now it appears that we are in the goodbye stage of this.

My cheat is this...I just can't call my sister back right now. I am waiting for my husband to call to pick him up so he doesn't miss his appointment. When he calls, my cheat is gone. I have to get on the stick and help Sis. I have to grow up.


  1. Tabor, I am sorry to hear about your Mother. And, I hope that the medical x-ray for your husband is not serious. Know that we out here in blogdom are thinking of you.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Peruby. My husbands health is fine--just a pinched nerve. Lack of correct paperwork meant he drove the 10 miles for the X-ray for NOTHING! I love the health insurance bureauracy.

    I do find comfort from the bloggers who post or email.


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