Sunday, August 22, 2004

So thus the beginning.

Each life has milestones, some of which have become cliches. In this fastpaced society, I now realize that my milestones arrive more slowly and appear to have a mellow aura about them. I am looking forward to that pace. I have always been a hurry-up and correct it later type and probably always well be. But, I am now pushing 60 and enjoying the lack of deadlines and seriousness of my decisions.

Actually, it is more my lack of seriousness in approaching decisions these days. I do have many serious decisions to make. When am I going to retire? How am I going to approach the economic decisions for this retirement? How am I going to allocate the remaining hours, days, years of my life?

I am in the earliest process of building the (cliche) retirement/dream home. Something I never thought I would be able to do. Something that has come about due to living a little frugally and also due to living overseas almost a decade of my life, where my living expenses were paid by my employer.

I am married to a mellow guy who doesn't care much about the house--only that it is comfortable, is engineered for use of natural resources as much as possible, and is near the water so that he can fish! It is all of these.

So this site will be about that project as well as my pet peeves, my beliefs and my concerns about the world I live in. Large menu--hope that it can be digested!


  1. It's comforting to know that life may get more peaceful for some at the age of 60. While I am currently half your age I look forward to the time where I can take myself and what I do less seriously and where my thoughts don't consistently circle around myself. Perhaps that also changes once one has children. I find your posts very interesting!

  2. I think that what really has happened to me as I age, the slaps against the side-of-the-head still come, but now I have callouses. "This too I will survive." This life doesn't get any easier but perspective is worth its weight in gold.

  3. Hi Tabor,
    Love to read your posts! You written very well and reading your thoughts and observation about many aspects of the life make me feel very well. In Portuguese we say, "me fazem muito bem".
    I like to see the first post of my blog friends. And I am very glad I found you!


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