Monday, August 23, 2004


I was thinking how contradictory it is to say you are not a joiner and then join a blog site...Although joining a blog site is not exactly like joining a club or society. It is virtual in everyway. You can be you or someone else. Others can be themselves or someone else. You can have a conversation with just yourself or others, but you have no control over this. It is not like walking across a room and introducing yourself. Blogging is also not the same as volunteering to be on the committee. Others do not have a vested interest in your presence or lack thereof. Although there still is 'group think.'

The only time I joined things in the past was because I had children and I had a vested interest in their involvement in the activity. Sometimes I was a leader and sometimes just a workerbee. But I never really felt I belonged in any of it.

Now that I am approaching retirement and will have more free time, I am thinking that I should put energy toward some of the causes that I believe in. We'll see.

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