Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Beginning of a New Season

Above is the completed new patio with the teak gazebo (turned into an arbor) donated by our neighbors.  This was taken before the solar lights and the flower pots I need to add.

I have been taping the Convention via Cable.  I do not need to see all the ads and PBS seems to have too much talking before the speeches.  Therefore, I tape and watch at breakfast the next day.  I can fast forward through lots of advertisements which really shows how much money CNN (and other networks) make on this!

I know that it is all ritual and programming and well-crafted timing and allotment of time to those who have paid their dues.  But it is the way of politics. Trading and bartering and the Dems are the big-party umbrella of varied people who have lots of issues they want to be addressed.  I just hope that the far left can be patient with the changes they are demanding and have willingness to compromise.

I will probably not watch the GOP convention as I have seen the guest line-up and most of those people are either from the upper-middle class and have no history of serving their country or helping their countrymen.  They are mostly scandal headliners who got in the news for their extreme behavior or behavior not normal for an average citizen.  It will be a convention of hate and not vision or hope.  

This afternoon since the weather has cooled we will go out for a canoe paddle in an area that we have not visited via water.  I hope to get some later afternoon photos of wildlife or scenery and I hope you will enjoy my sharing on my other blog.  Hubby probably hopes to catch fish.  We have not gone out much because the parks and boat ramps have been closed due to the virus and the weather has been too hot and humid to sit in a slow-moving canoe.

Restrictions on life are not going to change anytime soon.  Colleges are now realizing that Americans are neither sheep nor passive when it comes to restricting their social behavior.  We are a spoiled lot.  It has been drilled into us about our rights and science has become so politicized that common data and facts no longer penetrate the beer fogged brains of the young.  They are also angry that their youth will be restricted.  They are shortly facing adulthood and feel it is their right to party these few years they have.  Besides they will not be the ones with inflamed organs or facing death.  Have you ever met a twenty-something who felt death was possible?

I have tried to get back into an exercise program and that process has been fraught with both success and failure.  For instance, I am VERY good a finding excuses to postpone the effort!  I do feel better (if sorer) after my exercise, but I still do not like it.

Currently reading the book "Things That Make White People Uncomfortable" by the NFL player, Michael Bennett.  It is rambling but reasonably well written so must have undergone some editing.  He confirms everything I have felt about both the NCAA and the NFL.  I am speed reading it since I am not a football fan and have not been for decades, but I want to know how he sees societal change and what he wants to do.

Well, my coffee is now cold.  So going to get out of pajamas and into canoe clothes.  Hope you set aside some time today to enjoy...just enjoy.


  1. The new addition to your yard looks great.
    We are watching the Dem convention on MSNBC and there are no commercials, just two hours of full coverage. We have been listening to every word.
    We will also watch the Republicans next week, or at least as much as we can stand. I don't except truth to be in great supply, but it is enlightening to hear their version.
    We in Seattle love Micheal Bennett but I have not read is book.

  2. I watched it all on PBS. Once they got going, there was little talk and an hour more of programming. I did get an hour in at the pool today and feel slightly heroic. :)

  3. PS: That'a going to be a charming spot to visit with friends or curl up with a new permitting.

  4. Like you I watch the taped version. My brain tends to be fried by the evenings. I would like to say I am open to watching the Republicans, but in truth I am not. I remember that my parents brought home out first television so they could watch the conventions in early '50's and I know they would be disappointed in me. I have no respect at all for the current administration. And that makes me very sad.

  5. Your new arbor looks lovely and very inviting. We have elections coming up soon, too, but, our population being so small, they aren't anywhere near as complicated as yours.

  6. is all that yellow back there rudbeckia? so pretty. I'm trying to grow it but it doesn't seem to like our heat. that's a gorgeous arbor. lucky you to be the recipient. I haven't watched any of the democratic convention and will not watch the GOP. you are right there, it will be a convention of hate because that's all Trump has, all his core supporters have. misery with their own lives and blaming all others for it. Trump certainly doesn't have a platform to run on because like Barack, Michelle (?) said, he's in way over his head and doesn't have the character or desire to grow into the job. all Trump wants is power but not to lead, and more so, doesn't want to be called a LOSER.

  7. Beautiful outdoor space.
    Canoe clothes, now that sounds wonderful! I hope your trip was interesting and enjoyable.
    I'm not watching any political speeches, the conventions or the news articles picking apart who said this and that.
    Watching educated, many in leadership and/or influencial, people spin truth out of control isn't my cup of tea.

  8. Your yard is beautiful! To me, exercise has always been torture.

  9. The arbor is lovely. Wish my husband liked on the water. I would love to try canoeing. Enjoy the peace and freedom!

    Recording the convention is a great idea. The commercials drive me crazy!

  10. I hop you enjoyed your paddle.

  11. I watched all four night of the Dem convention, no commercials, just lots of people I care about taking the time to let us know what they think of Biden and Trump. I loved the roll call on Night Two. I'm still undecided about how much of the next convention I'll watch. Some, for sure, just to see what they do with it all. And I feel so much more excited about Biden! :-)

  12. "We are a spoiled lot." Your words, my feelings also.

  13. The gazebo looks peaceful and a wonderful place to spend time.

  14. How cool to go canoeing.

  15. Good to find you and be able to read you once more. I hate it that we have to be so vigilant with passwords. Such a pain that people can be dishonest and not blink an eye doing it. :/ By the time the election is over, I will be well done and over with all of the political rants in the newspapers and on t.v. Needless to say, I was shocked to discover our son was on the other side of my political coin. He's an adult and it's his right. 'nuff said.


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