Monday, March 12, 2018

No Time to Be Bored

At the beginning of the day, you turned on your TV to see where you were after traveling all night; and then your looked at your 'personal' daily schedule on the same TV so you did not miss anything you had signed up for.

The generic daily schedule for each day on this cruise was placed on your bed the night before while you were at dinner.  It was filled with items of interest, or not.  You never had an excuse to be bored.

Hubby took in many of the music shows at 9:30 while I headed to bed, but I did take in the magic show which was exceptional on that small stage.

You could actually just spend time on your tiny balcony and watch the horizon go by while you read a good book. If you forgot to bring a book there were LOTS of great titles to explore on the ship.  These below were in the Explorer's Room.

Note how 'tightly' packed they are on the shelf, someone works hard at that.  Each book is marked inside with a label of the lounge from which it was taken.  The Explorer's Lounge had books about explorers and exploration, of course.

The first few days the seas were rough and we adapted and got our sea legs or in some cases took Dramamine. I did not get seasick as that happens to me on the smaller boats.  The rest of the cruise was perfect in terms of ocean smoothness.

Most customers on the boat were "elitists" in the sense that they valued expertise and education and wanted to learn more about the culture, geography, and economy of the areas we were visiting.  This did not mean that they did not politely challenge some of the conclusions of the lecturers.  

There was always music playing somewhere!  There was always wine and soft drinks being served everywhere.

Yes, that is a view of the mouth of the AMAZON once we had moved up into it a couple of hundred miles.
There were cooking classes and dance classes and we took a small part of both.  The dance classes were free and the cooking classes were $30 each which coved the cost of the food.

If the day was too rainy for sipping wine on the bow or stern you could take your iPad or laptop and walk the public areas and learn all about the Norwegian art on board by following an audio website as well as check out the historic artifacts in the small onboard Viking museum.

They did have a lot of Munch art and I am not a fan of his, unfortunately.  Edvard Munch was most famous for "The Scream"  and moved through a number of styles in his lifetime.  (Note the audio clue next to the painting.)

If you got tired of the lectures and the shows and musicals and even the late night dancing in the little nightclub at the bow, you could go to bed and watch movies, or a few news programs or Ted Talks that had been pre-selected to match the cruise!  Then you could be rocked to sleep by the waves (gently).


  1. so much to do! a friend of ours started taking dancing lessons so he could go on cruises for free in exchange for being one of those guys who ask the ladies to dance.

  2. Dance classes! Wonderful! Such a fun cruise!

  3. What cruise line were you on? You may have mentioned it... perhaps Viking? Just wondering as the decor in your pictures is really nice... not so glitsy as the 2 cruise lines I've been on in the past.

  4. Wonderful! The cruise sounds perfect, less scary on water than I expected reading about it.

  5. Wow! This is absolutely amazing! Sounds very expensive though. I was wondering about the seasickness thing.

    1. Yes, Kay it was very expensive. Not super high end, but more expensive than most cruises. We are lucky to have the money to afford it.

  6. Theat is a very appealing sounding vacation.

  7. Oh, my. That sounds like something i would love, so much to learn!

  8. Nice that you found a cruise that suited your interests :)

  9. That's a lot going on!
    I did enjoy your "elitist" remark. I guess that's what we call educated folks these days?

  10. You do travel in style.

  11. Wow, this is a truly amazing cruise. I can guess it was way out of my price range, so it's good you are allowing me to go along through your posts. :-)

  12. That's nice. This is exactly the kind of cruise I would like to be on.

  13. It sounds just like a typical cruise. I guess I am elitist as I always want to know about who, where and all the rest of what's out there. Viking is a better line than I usually go on. We enjoyed going through the Panama Canal on Princess. Then there is always Carnival and the Farcus Decor. I just want to get into the pool early and get my walk in. Next time cost is a bigger factor.
    You might check out the Astoria. She is the ship that sank the Andrea Doria. She has a fascinating itinerary in a colder clime.

  14. Sounds like fun. Do big cruise ships go up the Amazon.


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