Monday, October 31, 2016

And...later that afternoon

You will remember in a prior post last week I did a photo journey of our three day visit to do some hiking in the mountains of West Virginia.  The fall was peaking and I had dozens of good photos.  I will not bore and share them all, but I will share our walk to our lunch spot on that perfect fall day and the view when we finally rested.

We were heading all the way to the ridge up ahead for a view during lunch.  As you can see, the trail sort of petered out.  I was being very careful at my age since it is easy to twist an ankle.

One way of being sure you do not fall is re-tying your shoes!

We still had a long way to go and as you can see lots of rocks are hidden beneath the shrubs.  There is no trail in actuality.

Yet, many have gone before us and had far more energy as they created markers to remind us we were not breaking new ground.

Then just up ahead we saw the wind farm which I think is a token non-fossil activity to warrant the HUGE power plant that you can see on the horizon on the left.

Finally we found the perfect lunch spot.  Someone had even put up a windbreak, although our day was not so windy.

Now you can sit on the hard rocks and I will pass you the ham and cheese sandwich that the hotel made for us.  Catch your breath because hubby wants to go back to the car via the woods to the West!


  1. What is all the red? So beautiful. I've taken to wearing a knee brace and letting go of my dream to walk the Camino.

  2. I admire your trecking. I too have let go my hope to walk further than to the end of the pool. Such a beautiful cragy vista, and did you walk back via the trees?

  3. The colours are truly wonderful.

  4. Great photos, thanks for taking us along! Love getting out and walking!

  5. Colleen, all the red is mostly blueberry bushes.

  6. Wow, you go see amazing things to take pics of. Thanks for sharing. I love your nature themed pics. Even the rocks!

  7. That rusty-red ground cover is stunning with the backdrop of rocks. This was a pretty fall hike.

  8. Colors, a stone stack, mountains, wildness -- what beauty and to think you and your husband could enjoy this without crowds of tourists. -- barbara


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