Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Sucked In but Good for the Elder Brain if Not the Pocket Book

I do not know how this happened.  I really do NOT, except for a fear that I would lose my precious data or lose my connection with the virtual reality in my life...FB, Blogger, email, RedBubble, etc., or be left behind in other ways...but I own all of this stuff below.

The big machine is close to 10 years old...maybe older, as I do not remember when it was purchased.  I have done one major back-up on it and then yearly just back up files, because I am not smart enough to figure out how to back it up correctly!  I own three separate hard drives.

The next in size (laptop) is a Gateway computer I purchased a long time ago.  I searched the drive properties and it said it was a 2006 version.  Almost ten years ago, and it WAS working pretty well until a small crack on one corner (near the electrical input) started to grow and now bits of plastic could fall off if I did not tape them with package tape, as I am doing, on the back and cannot be seen in the photo.  It also would overheat if I dd not check the position of the bits of plastic each time I use it...I even resorted to using an ice bag below at times!

One Christmas I got an old Kindle as a gift which just stopped working after a few years!  So I went to Amazon and got a new one (turquoise turtle covered) and they still have all my reading purchases in their cloud and transferred to the new Kindle.  Then in a weird fit of jealousy, greed, fear of being left behind(?) I followed hubby when he decided he wanted a Nook a few years ago and since they were on sale...I also got one (orange)!  I have a bunch of books on it, some in the cloud, and I also check out from the local library when I do not mind being rushed to finish a read. It works for blogging, FB and other stuff as well.  Easy to transport, uses the charge pretty fast.

Since my old laptop was scary, I decided I had better get a new one and back up stuff from the old laptop.  I researched and bought a laptop/tablet...Lenova (the silver gray).  No detachable keyboard,but folds completely back and works like a tablet.  Geek squad was supposed to transfer stuff, refused to transfer software, etc.  Now I have to figure out how to do that.

Oh, I also have a phone where I can pretty much do virtual reality stuff on a tiny keyboard if I am in a self-flagellating mood and even do some photographic stuff on a very small scale.

BUT, this story is not over yet.  I want a graphics tablet!  I want it so badly I can see it...just out of reach.  My photography hobby is reaching new levels that only a graphics tablet can meet.  I have limited time on this earth and want to try that out!

I will need a larger surge protector to keep all of these charged!  So much for a small carbon footprint. I have to label and keep together all charging cords...a real nightmare.

Now, you may ask, why is this good for an elder brain?  Well some of these devices have touch screens, various devices use various control key commands (and while most are OS Windows, they are still different), menu drop downs are sometimes sideways, ESC key works for some and only for others in certain windows, in some cases I have to remember some other key combination, some are touch screen and I forget others are not, one uses a mouse and two others a touch pad....I find that my brain strains to learn each of the subtle language differences when communicating with, through, and on these devices.  That must be good for the brain if not the pocket-book, right?  And, just think of all the extra  chances to have my ID stolen, now that the Federal database has been broken into and my Social Security number is available to some nefarious Chinese entities!


  1. Oh my
    all of this stuff is almost beyond my imaganation
    but this one has been on a path of simplification for a number of years.
    Also a challenge of seeing if there is anything I can eliminate and lower
    expenses. I live simply but quite well (only have missed some places I have wanted to visit but would not go alone and really knew of no one to go with me.)
    I like checking everything out that I do.
    A change made a year ago was my cell phone now reduced to a $16.95 version, bought online,
    buy miniutes and since I only carry in vehicle, outside or use when making
    long distance calls it is rarely used.
    Nice suprise as $100 a year minutes is all I need.
    Landline, no extras at a $39.00 value and next only my simple
    computer that fills all my needs but soon be replaced.
    Now children and grandchildren have every gadget out there and I want to part of this:)

  2. That's a nice collection. My computer is a desktop and is 5 years old, and that worries me. I have a Playbook which I don't use and an Ipad and iPod which I do use. There is also a Kobo somewhere in my room that I have never used. It was passed on by my daughter. My wife has a laptop and an older and newer iPad.

    I do have an older graphics tablet that I usually use for photos although if I am doing a quick edit, I usually use a mouse.

    There may be several old laptops in the house or at my SIL's awaiting decommissioning. I have lost track.

  3. WOW. And here I was feeling all techy because I've been loading all of my (soon to be extinct) CDs onto to my computer with the goal of creating playlists which will go to my phone which will then be played using our new teeny tiny speaker.

  4. That is an impressive load of technology, but there is always something better out there. I just got rid of the desk top computer we had for over ten years--which reminds me, my brother in law was making copies of the files from that. I should ask him about that.

  5. trying to keep current with technology does stretch the brain.

  6. Wow, you are armed and ready for the technological future!

  7. I can relate. I have boxes of computer stuff I don't know what to do with. I never knew what most of that stuff was for anyway.

  8. I must tell you that I am honored to know you. Your stuff almost equals George's stuff. Some of your's resembles mine too. Some. LOL I hide my much updated, 5 year old tower under my desk, but behind me is my very old tower and monitor as my backup. Himself put a 1 T HD in it so every word I every wrote and every picture is right there. Yes, there's a nook I don't use and a laptop I hate too. Just the desktop with Photoshop. I'm like "one woman" and want to keep things simple.

    Now...shall we discuss camera's. LOL

  9. Keeping up with all of it will keep your mind sharp, i agree!

  10. I never would have believed how plugged I have become, but only have a PC, netbook and iphone. I still use a mouse, not good with touch screen. How do you copy and paste?

  11. You're funny! You have got me thinking about my electronic toys: Big Bertha--the desktop with two monitors--my Kindle reader with keyboard and my Kindle Fire and my Nikon Cool Pix. I still have a flip phone,which I use only when traveling. I really don't like smart phones but will probably get one sooner or later.

  12. I have a smart phone, an older kindle, and a lap top. They are all I need at this point and I hope I don't have to replace any of them anytime soon. Dad is continually asking for help with his computers... so I get my brain stretches done there.

  13. We have a regular Kindle, a Paperwhite and two Fires, believe it or not. The two Fires are my husband's because he thought one was broken, but it .... ummmm... wasn't. He discovered this once he talked to tech support. It was too late to stop our daughter from sending him the second one for his birthday.

    As for elder brain, we bought the MacBook Air. We are PC people and it's a challenge to figure it all out again. Backing up is a good thing and I haven't been as diligent as I should. You are much better than me.


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