Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life is in the Details

Do you remember the good 'ole days of blogging when people posted photos of their view from there desks, or their bedroom window or even the view of the inside of their refrigerator?  No?  Well, I do.  It was somewhat exciting getting to look inside some stranger's home and you didn't even have to get out of your PJs!  That ability to reach across the Internet and peek into someone's life was kind of odd and exotic, at least I thought so.  Then we became familiar with their cat photos, dog photos, garden shots...they were still nice, but not nearly so exotic anymore because we had started to know the writers like we knew our neighbors.  Familiarity may not breed contempt, but it does breed boredom at times.  Some bloggers still post photos of their meals and their shoes and their pets.  Some, like me, post photos of garden harvests and food processing.  Boy, that is an exciting venue for readers. (!)

Well, our weather here has been wet, wet like being in a 24 hour shower, wet like sitting in a leaky boat, wet like camping during the rainy season in South America.  When weather is moldy like this I try to avoid eating vast quantities of chips and salsa, drinking too much wine, or raiding the chocolate candy jar and screaming at Congresspersons on TV.  I instead pass the time re-organizing my life.

I once had a blog about the building of this house.  I printed out all of the posts and then promptly deleted the blog as I felt it could be a security issue if someone nefarious stumbled across it.  Anyway, if you once followed that blog, you will remember that I wanted a walk-in closet.  Yes, I was no longer working and would no longer need a career wardrobe.  Yes, I could sleep in and not be bumping butts with hubby as I did in our former "walk-in" closet, but I still wanted a REAL walk-in.  I wanted a closet that did not smell musty, was not dark and had enough room to be organized. 

Well, I got it.  Wait for it.....I built a 12 foot by 10.5 foot walk-in closet.  Of course, it stores bedding, gifts, boxed photos, and other junk as well as clothes.  One would think with a closet this big it would be much easier to be would think.  It takes about 6 to 8 months before the closet shelves become messy, too full, and things starting getting lost.

Here are some photos of the busy messy closet.

I re-boxed, dusted, vacuumed and gave away a bunch of clothes for the church.  Then I organized what was left and ta-da!

You are awful quiet out there in blogger land...!  It IS neater and you will just have to take my word for it!  Doesn't it give you just a little thrill to be admitted into my closet?  Oh, the hole in the wall is where I dump our dirty clothes, there is a basket in the laundry room on the other side.


  1. Not quiet...just late after posting my own blog. I love your closet with laundry chute and a real window. Here I have one of those flat things with sliding doors on the front. I grew up with a real walk in closet....not as big as yours, with built in shoe boxes. I hid all my sins in there.

    You inspired me yesterday. I actually got rid of about a foot and a half of clothes and a few socks too. All those worn out sweaters. I'll miss them. :)

  2. No, that is NOT a walk-in closet, that is a box-room, or third bedroom in an average English new-built. It would be the kid’s room or maybe aunt Mary’s when she comes for a visit.

    It even has a rug on the floor, for heaven’s sake.

  3. I remember posting pictures of what was inside our purses. That was pretty funny. Forgive me but entrance into my closets in strictly verboten!

  4. Your walk in closet is neater than our walk in closet. By a mile!

  5. My name isn't "messy"mimi for no reason -- i don't have a walk in closet, but i struggle with messier stuff. You've done a great job reorganizing your closet, and yet, i know how messy those can get in just a few months!

  6. That's about the same size as my bedroom! Mind you, I do have a very small house. While I'd love a closet like that it would look a bit strange. Well done on the tidy up, they are not easy.

  7. Guess what - part of our remodeling project involves our walk-in closet. We're hoping that we'll become very organized. Is it just a dream? It is forcing us to clean up our act and reorganize. Somehow, I feel lighter. I hope it lasts!

  8. I use to think heaven was all the candy you could eat. Now I think it’s walk in closet!

  9. Wonderful...congrats on the new space....I am sufficiently jealous

  10. LOL! And way neater than my closets.

  11. I built a walk in closet in the large bedroom. I like it! It has a dresser, hanging racks, shelves, a rug and artwork on the walls. It's roomy enough that it takes a while to get messy. It's a lovely detail.

  12. Your closet is larger than each room in this apartment! My backroom is storage, but without shelves. I don't have enough deep-cleaning time for that one- no pics since the mold made me move it all! Diiiscribed in my old n crazily popular "Vas es Los?" post


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