Monday, July 01, 2013


As a follow-up to my post below, it appears my blogroll on my sidebar is now working.  Do not know what the on/off glitch was yesterday.   So the death of Google Reader is not to be mourned.


  1. Now, I cannot see your blogroll this morning. Something is burping somewhere. I liked google reader. It downloaded all my blog roll, and if I got behind, which I am prone to do, showed me the ones I needed to read. The new blog roll is "feedly." It's so complecated that I just unsubscribed from it.

    Scooters. Yes, I used one at the fair. I'm still plugged into the system scooterwize. I'll use one at Comic Con too, later this month. Today I have my first pre-op, and there are several more throughout the month till surgery on the 25. I'll be in a nursing home after that until I learn to climb three flights of stairs easily. Yesm, I had needed to buy a one story house in the first place. Who knew.

  2. Mine is working today also. But yesterday there was a note saying I "was not subscribed to any blogs" or something like that.

  3. After all the warnings I was surprised to see my blog roll intact this morning. But I guess it's only a matter of time until this freebee is taken away from us.

  4. I don't use my sidebar for my blogroll... I chose to go to Feedly---which works great for me. Some people like Bloglovin' but I never tried it... Good Luck with your blogroll on your sidebar.

    Hope you are having a good summer so far. Shocked that it is already July 1st. Where did June go? We have had a fairly mild June... Hope July is the same way!!!!


  5. Yay! One less thing you have to worry about today!

  6. What i want to know is why they keep having to "improve" things by wrecking what works.

  7. Blogroll. I use bloggers sidebar to insert three or found different types of blogs I read. When I have time, like today, I read blogs. When I don't, they will still be there.

    You have a great 4th, and don't eat too much. :)


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