Sunday, February 17, 2013

Letting in the Real World Now and Again

My leadership on a landscape committee for our local museum has taken more time than I anticipated when I first volunteered.  There is maintenance of the email lists, planning of spring activities, composing the meeting agenda and trying to assign tasks, getting a meeting room reserved and a date on the calendar, and finally, since most of us are old ladies, making sure there is coffee and coffee cake!

Then my husband has volunteered for a new project on getting fresh food to the food pantries by getting volunteer gardeners to contribute and talking to the local staff, at another museum, to incorporate this into their summer camp with children.  I have been attending a number of meetings regarding that which takes up more time, but meeting cool new people as a result.

All of this has taken me away from my birding, photography, reading, writing, blogging and new attempt at more exercise.

Today I drive up to my daughters house and am spending all day tomorrow with her perusing some of the Smithsonian's special museum exhibits.  It is her treat to me for a belated birthday gift.  It gets her out of the house even though the venues are not her favorites.  She might rather be clothes shopping or some spa enjoyment.  But it does give her the opportunity to get away from obligations and kids.  We will stop at a bar early in the evening and talk and laugh and then head to a top  restaurant for some high end food.  These are the golden times because we have no expectations from each other.  We have that special genetic connection that sometimes appears in family relationships and is worth all the money in the world.

Hopefully my return will provide some blog posts more worthy of my discriminatory readers.


  1. You're busy and deserve that break! Will await the report.

  2. Nah, just throw stream of conciousness stuff out there.... then again, you DO have more readers than me... hmmm.....

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day to me!

  4. So truly marvelous. Have fun, and I wish I were in your pockets. You are out busying me. :)

  5. Your volunteerism is wonderful- Like your hubby's idea too. Would love to get in the Smithsonian again. Was there one day in 8th grade. Didn't get to see much- but remember taxidermy n the Spirit of St Louis. Wonder how much admission is.
    I get along with my daughters most of the time, but they still get me annoyed

  6. Thank you for this glimpse into your special!'
    Having time with family or close friends is always spectacular!
    Glad you had fun

  7. This is a cut and paste response just to let you know I enjoyed your post. (Still issues with carpal tunnel and trigger finger.)

  8. It's fun when doing what we enjoy doing turns into blog fodder ;)

  9. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a day.

  10. I had no idea I was a discriminating reader. Thanks.


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