Friday, November 09, 2012

Post Mortum

The results of this election have not really changed the egg shell mood of this country.  Deeply conservative people are angry and terrified.  ( I remember how I felt when George W. Bush was elected.  I was sure he was going to destroy this country or bring it to the edge of destruction with Chaney.  Guess what?)

I have talked to (former) friends who are so mad they are no longer going to vote.  Trying to reason with that logic is hard.  Fortunately, most of my friends are moderates...they are Republicans married to Democrats and Democrats married to Republicans and Independents not yet married, who realize that politics is an evolutionary model.  It swings to the left and then to the right and makes most of its slow progress in the middle with compromise.

While Trump was adamant that Obama was very secretive about his background, I was concerned with the fact that Romney deleted his emails and sold off servers and PCs to employees when he was governor of Massachusetts with the result that there was no information to send when freedom of information requests were filed to find out how he really governed that state.  I was concerned that he did not reveal his taxes.  If you want to be the Head of State I want to know everything about your finances and I think I have that right.  I did research Bain's success under the time of Romney and found that the huge majority of companies purchased were sold off and shut down.  Of those that Bain did help, only seven really became successful under Romney and only four continued in the black being able to carry the debt that Bain left them after he left.

But I also want to point out I am not happy about Obama's record on the environment.  Neither candidate even touched these issues due to the recession.  Clean air and clean water are too expensive these days. The Keystone pipeline will be completed under this president...but perhaps that is the least of our environmental issues. 

This President is pretty moderate by standards of years ago.

This article here (not really tongue in cheek) makes the case against a liberal president and shows you we are in moderate, if not totally conservative, hands.    Read it before the link disappears as they all do.


  1. Very good article. I can't get worked up over the whole thing. Between the house and the senate, nothing ever gets accomplished anyway.

  2. I too am not wild about his record on the environment nor promises from the first election not kept. I'd still rather have him that the other choice.

    RYN: Yes, down the street or up the hill in the forested area. It would be fun to have friends in a neighborly fashion. He's feeling well enough to play on the computer, and he has remembered all his meds. I'm abandoning him and going to work. LOL

  3. Enjoyed the article. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. We need to pay attention and push for our values. This is not over. I wish it was, but it's not. We need to hold Obama accountable for his promises, keep pushing for moral choices and the agenda we know is best for the country. I think too many of us thought we could sit back after '08 and it led to the republicans taking over the House which led to the gerrymandering and them keeping control of the House even though Democrats got 50,000 more votes. We need to hold the dems accountable too. We have a chance now

  5. oops that should've been 500,000 more votes

  6. I don't disagree that Obama is like a moderate Republican or a centrist liberal. I think our best presidents are so and should represent the majority rather than the wings of the parties. I also think there is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans. I think we have a better chance for Obama to hear us on the environment than Romney. Here is what I posted the day before the election of Facebook:

    If you want to see an end to FEMA, the Environmental Protection Agency, Social Security, Medicare, unions, health care reform (you know, all those protections for everyday people and families), and if you want everything privatitzed so the Halliburtons of the world can continue getting richer making money off war and other people’s misfortunes, then you should probably vote for Romney. But I hope you won’t.

    I also wonder about this:

  7. I am very glad that Obama has been reelected, we all are on this side of the Atlantic.

    The thing I don’t understand is that the election seems to have made no difference to the losers; the same struggle as before, the same sniping, the same obstacles.

    How the hell can anything be achieved? The man was reelected, now listen to the electorate and fall in behind it, for the good of the country.

    How can any promises be kept if nothing changes and the mandate to change things for the better is ignored?

    Somebody explain, please.

    What is it about the US? Do yo

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  9. Sorry Tabor, I am having great problems commenting, I either comment several times or don’t get through at all.

  10. RYN: You are so funny. Corny.

  11. Saying that Obama is secretive about his background gets a big laugh from all the Hawaiians who knew him and his family when he was growing up on Oahu! And there was that autobiography, too.
    I was not an Obama enthusiast, originally, but now I think he is a person of world historical importance. In fact, it occurs to me that the people who were so gung-ho for him in 2008 are now the lukewarm ones, whereas he keeps gaining stature in my mind.
    Watch how things play out with the military now. I think Obama did what he could along the lines of revising the military but was hampered by Republican reactionaries. Now he has more freedom. I don't like the drones and all that stuff, of course, and I can't imagine Obama does either.
    And I hope we get more responsiveness on the climate change issue.

  12. Obama is a pragmatist, not an idealog. He is a problem solver who understands one must deal in what is possible, not what is ideal. Therefore he never quite pleases anyone. That is the nature of compromise. It can be frustrating.
    What I do believe is that he is trustworthy, says what he means and means what he says, and really does have what's best for the American people, and America, at the heart of all he does. I can't ask for more.

  13. Anonymous2:42 AM

    From my place in Europe, I'm so glad that it was Obama who got in!

  14. From my place in Brazil, I am so glad that Barak Obama won the elections and has more four years!

    Have a good Sunday!

  15. i am glad it is over...and i hear you on the has def drifted once more tot he back burner of everyones seems...i mean why save the trees when you cant afford the new iPhone...smiles...i think now is the time we need to some together and made strides or steps in many areas...

  16. As one not as clued up about American politics as he should be, I found this a fascinating light shone on a couple of its participants - esp the good Governor!

  17. Obama would not have been considered a liberal 30 or 40 years ago but rather a conservative. both parties have marched to the right. I'm unhappy with a lot of what Obama did and didn't do but he was handed such a mess that I imagine he had his hands full just trying to stop the downward spiral. Not to mention a congress determined that he wouldn't accomplish a single thing. However R/R in the White House was a very scary proposition. selfish and unconcerned with the welfare of others, anyone not rich would have been in for a world of hurt. I think we got a glimpse of Romney's true character after his concession speech when he canceled all the party credit cards Tuesday night leaving his staffers stranded, often in cities in which they did not live, with no way to get home. He wouldn't even spring for cab fare, much less a plane ticket home, for the people who worked so tirelessly on his behalf.


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