Sunday, March 04, 2012

Filling Time

As I am on my own for two more days (hubby has met up with the kids and their kids at Disney World and they are sooo happy to meet him and take advantage of the ratio of three adults and three children that he has agreed to stay for another day) I am settling in further to this extended being-on-my-own mode, hoping I do not get to like it too much.  I am now eating my dinner on the couch in front of the television.  I have become a slug, a slob, a sliver of my former self, except I have probably gained pounds so sliver is not the most accurate image here. 

I am like my son...or my son is like me...ask his girlfriend.  She said many of his friends have told her that they see him so much more now that he is dating her.  They say he used to hold up in his apartment in the evenings and on weekends working on his music, but they are glad she now gets him out and about.  This sounds like the roles my husband and I play in life.  He is the gregarious get-me-out-of-the-house one.

I have tucked away in this house for days, except for one day when I went shopping and ran a few errands taking my boot off to drive and then putting it on to walk through the supermarket. I did get out one warm afternoon to prune my roses which were beginning to leaf out.  Of course, my foot has made me be cautious and as immobile as possible in the house and I have been amenable to that excuse.  I have heard too many stories of people falling and breaking something else when wearing the boot!  AND I really want it to heal, but there is nothing on TV (rarely is there ever) and I have almost finished reading "A Thousand Acres" and my own novel is stuck on Chapter 6 already.

The person that I am trying to interview for the Master Gardener program has not returned my 4 phone calls...guess that is a wash and I will not try to take it personally.  One of my neighbors called to see how I was and my hubby's hostess in Florida and I had a nice chat, but my voice has not been used for much else these last 10 days.

The days are so gray that photography is only an ambition.  Even the sunsets are silver at night. 

I have had so much time to bird watch that I can tell the difference between the various tufted titmice that visit the deck feeders and almost have reached the stage of giving them names.  One has lost his tuft.  He looks so effete and lonely and I wonder where he misplaced it.

I bought the movie "The Way" on cable and it is a nice ride (walk) through Spain/France with Martin Sheen.  His sons are very talented...even the one with issues.  I have watched two different versions of  "The Phantom of the Opera" on TV and listened to every Keb Mo album that I own all this afternoon.

But too much of a good thing is really too much of a good thing.  (Why do I think I have written that before?) 


  1. Oh my, you are a picture of myself if I'm ever left alone. I hate to think what a slob I could become. I go days and days now without seeing or talking to people, what would I do then. Thank goodness yours is only for another day or so.

  2. I used to long for the lone life,until it became a reality - well really after a few years of reality (the first lone years were kind of a fun expoloration of independence!!) Now I sort of self-monitor trying to be aware of the time passing-I just heard the author of "Going Solo" that single adults are actually more social because they are motivated to be out and about among people. It sounds like you have the best of both worlds - some time to yourself and a guy who comes home!!

  3. I have to force myself to go out with friends. (not family - that is easy for me) - but friends. I know that it is in my best interest and my therapist pushes me.

    My Mom liked to stay at home and I would be very content, I think. I find myself running home on Friday evenings after work and a quick trip to get things at the store hoping I can stay put until Monday morning when I return to work.


  4. One more thing. You know, sociallizing DRAINS me. It just sucks all the energy out of me. Some people feed off of it and I feel so washed out afterwards. I get a lot of headaches from socializing.

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  6. Ours is not to reason why...just enjoy:)

  7. This alone time is almost over.
    I like this kind of time and stay busy - very seldom turn TV on.
    I think your boot is probably keeping you inside more or maybe your weather is not too nice.
    My daughter's family in Disney World also. I was invited - not this grandma :)

  8. Hi There, You sound so much like me. I yearn for the times alone with nothing to do --and yet, when those times do happen (rare these days), I yearn for people around more in my life... Seems like I'm never satisfied.. If I have it one way, I want it another way... Oh Well!!!!! Tis life....

    Enjoy your time alone --for it will all be over soon I'm sure!!!! Then --you will yearn for it again!!!! ha

  9. Since I work at home on my paintings...I have to be blasted to the outside world. Ha!! So I can relate!!
    And you are right to be a little careful while you are wearing that boot. Be kind to yourself.

  10. I have had so much out of town company the last two weeks; I've been begging for alone time. But when I finally got a couple of hours, I spent them all trying to decide what I wanted to do first.Now that I've decided, I need two more.

  11. I become a hermit when left alone's so much effort to think about going out. LOL.

  12. I become a hermit when left alone's so much effort to think about going out. LOL.

  13. I'm like you and your son. I crave solitude and often can't easily tell myself when enough is enough. I do know when I get in a rut the first step out is to complain a little about it. If I can do that in a creative way all the better faster way to get out! In breath and out breath, ebb and flow, gestation and marination, I remind myself.

  14. Despite the fact that you sound like a jailed titmouse, You are sounding better. G likes being alone. I like crowds. Only recently did I discover that the phone only rings when daughter Margot calls. This is not good. It's time for me to make great efforts toward sociability here.

  15. Snap - this coming weekend I shall be on my own as well and I hope I value it and do it as well as you do! Happy relaxing

  16. Sounds like you're getting bored a bit-


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