Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Angry Birds

Fix your face she said.
He wiped the smile away.
She sat on the couch and focused her attention on the re-run.

It was just a squirrel
to run around and around
in her easily distracted mind - he understood.

He sat in the faded chair
by the window and picked
with one arthritic hand at the broken seam in his pants.

Fix your mind he thought.
Her eyes got that far away look.
Today was just like that long ago yesterday.

And it now appears
It will be a repeat of tomorrow.

(Something that came to my mind as I watched an elderly couple in the restaurant.  This is the life we all may dread, but some of us cannot avoid it.)


  1. Jude (Hinterlander)5:11 PM

    Hi Tabor, I just revisited your blog again after more than a year. By co-incidence I find you are writing a story set in my homeland! You sure have chosen a tricky location to write about with authenticity. I had never heard of a bumble tree before, so I just learnt something new! But the apple trees? Those outback mining areas are far too hot for apple growing. Citrus - yes, or grapevines - so long as there is water - which would have to come from a bore. I was amused by the reference to 'fields'. A field is always called a 'paddock' in Australia. It's going to be hard work, but good luck with your venture. Happy to help where I can.

  2. Jude, my love, you are wonderful. Thanks. I anticpate it will take at least a year if now more. I visited some of the outback...but NOT where I am writing. You should give me an email address and if it ever gets close to being done, I will give you a percentage of the proceeds to edit! Gah! You are correct in that I am really having a struggle with so much research. I read more than I write and the pre-logue will be changes a lot probably.

  3. I like this little vignette, Tabor. Makes me feel bad for the old fellow though.

    It is wonderful that you are writing so much. You are a very good writer and I think you could really go places with it. I know it must be fulfilling.

  4. Beautifully touching. It makes one look "really look" at people. Everyone has a history, a life.

  5. What a sad thing to be lost within your own mind. Nice vignette

  6. I often observe people and have a story in my mind. You have the gift of words - keep writing.

  7. "And it now appears
    It will be a repeat of tomorrow." and it is.

  8. Powerful poem. When my wife and I were newlyweds, we saw an elderly couple eating breakfast in a restaurant. Both reading the paper without even acknowledging each other's presence. "We'll never be like that," we said. Now, sadly, I understand them better. And maybe not so sadly. You can't live your whole life staring into someone's eyes either.

  9. There used to be a couple in our church, a man and (we assumed) his wife. She was obviously afflicted with Alzheimer's or some other form of senile dementia. He was the epitome of patience, guiding her through the service, and leading her to communion, and so forth. Great love, and MY WIFE and I both admired it (and hoped we would have such strength of character someday, if needed.)

  10. That's a really strong work. Thanks.

    RYN: No, the San Diego Maritime Museum is building the replica. I'm sure it will be used in a parade or two, but it is being built for the museum. :)


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