Saturday, May 01, 2010

Best Laid Spring Plans

The local theatre brochure arrives by post.
I peruse
and mark those entertainments that look promising.
Unfolding the town paper, I scan the insert
and make a mental note of
weekend frivolities that are intriguing.

A new restaurant in town has live music for lunch, and
I jot a mental note to make sure and drop by.
The evening news showcases a local sports team and
I mark the calendar to see the next game.
My favorite artist has an exhibit in the nearby town and
I clear some space in my week.

The weekend comes and the drama of
the osprey nest building show,
"Engagement one week only,"
claims my time.
The following week there are hyacinth bean seedlings
in the coldframe
demanding transplant.
During the coming spring days,
my lunch hours are filled
with the dance recitals of
hummingbirds and new butterflies.
By month's end, the lonely canoe needs a quick
paddle down the creek to stretch its spine.
So, I will admire the spring landscapes painted by 

the local artist, Mother Nature,
while pulling my paddle through the silver water.


  1. When all is said and done you really couldn't do better than Mother Nature.It sounds divine.

  2. I make plans for "culture" then wear myself out in the garden. So it's early to bed and back out in the garden early. Maybe I'm not meant to be "cultured".

  3. Sounds like us, and as "the other Kerry" says, Mother Nature is the best there is :)
    You should've seen the show at our bird feeders on Friday morning. Everyone showed up! And I had to rush off to sub at school and miss the show. Not even time for photos. I was so disappointed.
    I love mornings at home.

  4. Wow, why doesn't my local newspaper says something about live bands and whatever's new in town? That's what I'm looking for! I'm looking for some fun.

    Of course Mothe Nature is the best of them all. We gotta appreciate what has been given to us.

  5. Your upbeat post confirms your positive ongoing attitude - living life to the fullest!

  6. And leave us all smiling as you go by.

  7. I make a note of town happenings - also.
    Never go - love nature better.
    The woods, garden and Miss Callie more fulfilling.
    I have turned into a hermit.

  8. Good Monday to you, Tabor! What a wonderful picture, and it drew an "Aw." out of me before I even started reading, then the fact that your post was hopeful and sweet just added to that.

    I'm catching up, and just had to say two other things: I am also a Damages fan! How long did it take you to figure out that the architect, played by Keith Carradine was a hallucination??

    I didn't suspect that at all, until the very end. Anyway, such a good show, and unlikely to be renewed it seems, so that may have been the series finale. If so? I think that was a lovely stopping place. The second season faltered, but the third returned to form :-)

    Also, what beautiful pictures.

    Now if that was not the most disjointed, rambling reply you'll receive today, I shall be freshly amazed.

    Scattered hither and yon, I leave you for the moment ;-)

  9. LOS-I was so confused by the architect anyway. I thought he was hitting on her at first. Please tell me this is not the last season.

  10. I came back to read it all again.
    Delightful....even the canoe.

    I've never made it all the way through Godot either. It doesn't matter who is playing, it doesn't matter Beckett's intent, the play is boring. Nothing like opinions. :)

  11. Lately, Mother Nature suffices for me as well.

  12. Lovely and so truthful to what life gives and takes.

    Dorothy from grammology

  13. There's nothing like Mother Nature's beauty, is there?

  14. I sometimes make plans (marks on my calendar) just for the fun of not going. Like snacking in the kitchen without sitting down with a plate always taste better to me.

  15. Thanks dear you.....

  16. great photos - new show every day... best theater in town :)

  17. Is that a poem? By golly gee it is and it's wonderful! Canoe stretching it's spine was da bomb. lol HUG


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