Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Are You Bored Yet or Just at Peace?

It is happening.
Slowly the simpleness levels you.

Smooths out all the interesting edges,
Grays down the highlights,

Fades the lowlights.
No quick intakes of breath.
No sharp laugh to stifle.

No surprise in plan.
Just smiles now.
Just yoga breathing.
And that all important focus
on what we shall cook
for dinner.


  1. Love the line "the simpleness levels you"....so true. Simplicity brings you back to self and to what is truly important.
    Great poem.

  2. Yes that all important focus...what's for dinner? LOL!! Love the photo

  3. I read it a couple times because of the way you use words so beautifully. Also had to figure out what it means to me...and I came up with: "Relax, absorb, enjoy - and then go cook. Life goes on." :)

  4. I can only be at peace once I know what's for dinner. Right now I'm thinking steak and baked potato.

  5. Love the last 2 lines. We do put a lot of emphasis on that, don't we? I'd be happy with breakfast everyday for dinner, but mr. kenju gets bored if we have one thing too often.

  6. Tabor - the poem - it speaks to my heart. You are aware of my journey!!!! Great image.

  7. Beautiful image and nice words!

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    Have a nice day.

  8. I certainly didn't expect the last line; it made me laugh after the serious feel of the rest of your words.

  9. We both have "peace" in our titles today. And you know, this gave me a chill. It's so familiar and well said.

  10. How very, very honest and accurate. My dear friend of blogging, my sister in words, my wise and knowing palzie ... you know me!
    Wow ... Just recently, I had been sitting and watching two hawks bicker over their prey out back. The phone rang. My precious daughter - who I would normally drop anything to jump for - asked, "Hiya Mom, ya doing anything important?"
    Without hesitation, I said, "Yes ... call me back."

    After all, maybe Mrs. Hawk was trying to plan dinner out there! *wink*

    (I know it has taken me forever to reply to your lovely comment... just couldn't. My kneejerk note here would have included an apology for being so late but my resolution this year was to try to quit spitting out apologies for every blasted thing I do that isn't perfect)

  11. I was thinking you were discussing dementia. Instead you zap me with a delightful reality.

  12. Life is suppose to be enjoyed and yet some days it's seems so far from our grasps. This was lovely..and simple to take in and feel peace about..

    Dorothy from grammology

  13. I think the two can be remarkably similar. Just, with one, you feel antsy, and the other, happy.

  14. I was so relaxed and drawn in and then wham! Isn't it wonderful when your attention wonders.

  15. Yeah,simpleness and boredom may have the same symptoms. That's why simple living may mean boredom for others. :)


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