Sunday, May 24, 2009

Canvassing by Weary Hag

Weary Hag posted the following questions on her blog a while back. She has taken a respite from blogging and rarely posts anything, so I had to read this and give it a go. Feel free to tackle and then let her know you answered.

1. While typing - do you prefer classic or italics?
Same answer as #2 below.

2. While reading - do you prefer classic or italics?
Classic always. Italics for me is for emphasis or scientific names.

3. Worst experience while blogging? [i.e. page froze, lost data, caught using dated or false info, typos - what made you gasp - even a li'l]
I sent out several comments while logged in as ME. As you may know I have a weird fear of being ‘found out.’

4. Best experience while blogging? [i.e. new friendship/relationship formed, wrote a post that was just short of genius, learned new com tech skill, etc]
Writing something that makes me feel good and then having one or more of the readers tell me it made them feel good as well. Or getting compliments on how well written it was. I am an addict for that kind of stuff. Words are powerful when they can change feelings or help someone make it through the day.

5. Let's assume you're an avid blogger - someone at an intimate dinner or party suggests that blogging is for idiots. In what way do you beat the dog meat out of them - [read: handle the situation] - if at all?
I might answer that I often thought **** (you fill in the blank) were idiots, but I now can see their side of the story. Or perhaps I might say that blogging is so vast in scope and participants represent most of mankind, so there are no more idiots in blogland than in any other activity. (Now twitter is another story.)

6. Do you pass your blog URL out to people like sneeze molecules or do you generally keep it to yourself and your own group of mutual blog buddies?
I keep it very secret and only those who stumble upon it and stay become my personal treasured readers. ;-)

7. Do you share your blog with family [children/spouse/siblings/parents] or do you deliberately keep it from them?
Nope. No one knows and when I die, I will have to leave the password in my will so that someone can let my readers know why I stopped blogging! (Besides my family never comments on stuff I post on the family blog...why share the real me?)

8. This is for those who only use a fabricated name when blogging: Do you ever wish you could tell people just exactly who you really are or are you content to remain anonymous to the masses?
I am very content to remain anonymous. I am a coward and would not be as honest a writer if people knew who I really was.

9. This is for those who use their true name when blogging: Do you ever wish you had remained anonymous or are you pleased as punch to get your real self out there?
See #8.

10. Of these - which is your favorite genre to read in the blogging community: [choose ONLY one]: a) how-to & advice, b) brief topics covered with a comedic edge, c) personal adventures or experiences, d) photos with captions, e) up-to-the-minute newsy type stories told with blogger's perspective or spin
I really like reading all genre’s but personal experiences/adventures tend to grab me the most.

11. From one to ten, when reading a blog post ... do spelling & grammar really count? (not the occasional typo). One: they don't count in the least .............. Ten: stop reading midstream and move on.
I guess about a 7. If the post is really good, I can ignore the errors. I am a terrible speller even though I almost made straight A’s in school…hard to believe, huh? But Blogger has a spell check so there is little excuse for that kind of sloppiness. My grammar has gotten very sloppy and I wish Blogger had a grammar editor.

12. Have you been approached to write a book or magazine article or to contribute to an existing publication in any way, solely based upon your blog? (and I don't mean by smokinbettylou or tedthetool)
Hah! Don’t I wish!

13. Do you prefer the read & comment type of post or the interactive style (like this one)?
I like this type once in a while. I prefer the read and comment because it is easier to read and shoot from the hip.

14. Which applies to you most often? a) I read and comment, b) I read and move along ...
About 50/50.

15. Are you involved in any other networking venues or is blogging your one and only? [i.e. FB, YT, MSpace, LiveJournal, Classmates, photo hosting sites, etc.] No need to name them unless you want to ...
I have a family blog, I am on Facebook but rarely visit there, and have several photo sharing site(s)…but most of my computer time is just blogging here.

Your turn.


  1. Oh I'm so happy someone was interested enough to take a stab at this and that the 'someone' is you makes it just so darned cool!!

    Thank you and I love your responses... it's a li'l like getting to witness YOUR blogging experience as you proceed through your friends blogs, what turns your key most, even as silly as what kind of font you enjoy.

    Thanks so much for doing this, Tabor! Love it.

  2. I think I might give it a stab, too. It looks like fun.

  3. wow, so you are not Tabor??? people look at me like I must not have a life because I blog????where does that come from??? Probably cause I am not sure if I do....except my grnadchildren....

  4. well, i wish you were not so uncomfotable about being "you" because i would like adding you to my facebook friends. i love facebook and am a bit surprised you don't. but if you are not comfortable being "you" i guess it could affect how much fun you would have there sharing tidbits of your life, photos, etc. i like it because in 2-3 lines you can keep people updated about a day, as intimately or as generically as you like.

    i love reading your posts here, so if being totally anonymous gives you the freedom to write that is great. :)

  5. I did it in my mind. Maybe will do except not 2 italics questions. We are alike on most except the identity questions. Gotta go read Weary' answers.

  6. Hmm, should I do this? Oh btw I uploaded the more detailed photos of my walk, speshially for you!

  7. Interesting! I love your answers, and I had no idea you were so "mysterious" and "anonymous." I started that way as well and then shared my real name (not my last name) in one of my posts. A few blog buddies are on FB, so now a chosen few know my full name (so far, so good). No one's appeared on my doorsteps wearing assless chaps yet. ;) (Private joke between me and a fellow blogger...Jay.)

    PS - I like the idea of leaving the password in your will. Maybe I'll do that for the kids. :)


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