Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Old Year's Journey

Looking back over time, for some of us, this year was an arduous mountain to climb with no promise of a better view at the top.  We were given the task of keeping one foot in front of the other with the only assurance that it could not go on forever.  For others of us, this year was a swamp to slog through with pockets of quicksand that were eager to pull us down and each effort was accompanied by biting gnats that gave us no peace.

The smart ones among us saw only a morning with a fresh start and they inhaled the breezes that crossed the mountain trail seeing the beauty of new beginnings.  Or perhaps, smiling through the parting swamp grass noticing the small birds that were being fed by those annoying gnats.

If you looked into the eyes of the smart ones you saw they offered you a hand and reminded you it is the journey itself that must be treasured, because the destination comes to us whether we stop and quit or go on and enjoy the trip.

(As an oddity, this is my 800th post today.)


  1. Congratulations on reaching 800! I hope you have 8000 more, at least!

    Happy New Year, Tabor. My wish for you: serenity, contentment and peace.

  2. Have a glorious day today....and tomorrow. Aren't we lucky, just for this moment.

  3. Lovely. Happy 800th.. keep on slogging. :)

  4. Just cutting back on leaving notes. Obviously not at all clear. Darn. I could spend all day leaving notes. Now just those who seem to reach my core in some among them. Now have a glorious day and stay warm.

  5. The last line spoke to my heart.
    "The journey itself must be treasured, because the destination comes to us whether we stop and quit or go on and enjoy the trip".
    800 - that is a lot of writing and each entry deserves an award.
    Fond memories of you over the past year.
    Continue onward!!!

  6. Happy New Year, Tabor!
    Congratulations on your 800th post!
    And many thanks for your greetings on my place.

  7. I really like what you've said.
    I hope I'm not faced with any major challenges this new year, but if so, I hope the beauty of life you so eloquently expressed, will remian in my sole.

  8. Oops, did I say sole instead of soul? Did I misspell "remain."
    It's very late, :)

  9. Congratulations on 800 posts! I have reached 1,619 since starting this blog in 2005.

    It is always entertaining to follow you and read your insightful posts. Looking forward to the next 800.

    Happy New Year Tabor.

  10. You always remind me of what I know, but have forgotten on the way.


  11. Boy you are old...I mean your blog...but I am older!

    My life seems the same regardless of the state of the economy, for the most part. I am effected by the emotional climate of our world though, good and bad.

    Best in the New Year! Like a fresh Scrabble board, let's get started!

  12. Happy 2010 Tabor! I just got back from my home visit and missed a lot of your entries.

    May we learn to be smarter this year and beyond! All the best to you and happy 800th :)

  13. I read my comment
    and was in such a different place
    but still going onward.
    Bless you
    you are wise...


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