Friday, December 12, 2008

"oh" My Darling Clementines - Part II

There are clementines out there from Morocco as well I found out today. I bought the box and the surface of the rind is not as smooth as those from Spain. They are as sweet and as easy to peel but even though the box says seedless, I got an average of 5 seeds from each Clementine!! Buyer beware. Spanish clementines are expensive but worth the price. Also make sure that someone has not removed a citrus or two from under the netting!


  1. Interesting. We just get them on occasion for my wife, from the Giant grovery (the clementines, not the wife), and I've no idea where they're from. I always thought 'California? Florida?' But overseas, not at all.

  2. There may come a time when they can grow these in California and they will be as delicious as those from Spain...but not yet!

  3. Mine are they must be from Spain....thanks for the heads up....and, for your comments on my blog!!

    Have a lovely holiday! Enjoy your grandkids!!!!


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