Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Thoughts #15

1. It is odd that newspapers trumped by technology are once again front and center and in demand and some issues are selling for over $100 on the Internet due to this election.

2. I was talking with hubby about the successful cloning of the frozen mouse and how creepy it was to think they could possibly clone a mastadon. Hubby (ever the scientist) thought that sounded 'cool' no pun intended. I responded with my concern about some virus for which we have no immunity that might come along with that frozen mastadon tissue. His face fell and he said, "Yeah, there are always hitchhikers in biology."

3. I am seeing more roadkill (deer) these days. Hubby explained it was probably due to mating season. "The hormones rise and the deer get crazy, unlike male humans whose hormones are always up and therefore, they are always a little crazy."

4. I got tired of spreading the composted soil that hubby was dumping in each of the raised beds with the wheelbarrow. Wiping the sweat from my forehead, I complained and hubby (who has a Ph.D.) said he was the one that got to pile higher and deeper and since I had only a Masters...I had to do the spreading.

5. While I was in the nearby larger town last week for my mammogram (OUCH!) I saw a sign above the door as I entered that said Medical Arts Building. My immediate thought was that I wanted the Medical Science building not some artsy-fartsy place.

6. Hubby was reading our latest retirement financial report and sighing audibly. I glanced over his shoulder and looked briefly at the bar graph and the line graph at the top of the report. Since nothing was above the baseline on the bar graph I immediately said he was holding the report upside down. He glared at me and said NO...he was right!

7. I cannot keep thinking that Condolezza Rice would be a good Secretary of State for Obama...but with Kerry in the running and being owed for all those emails I kept getting from him during this campaign, it will never happen.

8. I thought it odd that McCain drove away all by himself out of the garage at the hotel in Arizona the following morning. Where was his wife?

9. I learned this month that it takes almost a year for birds**t to wash away by weather from the roof shingles...just a little trivia for your information.

10. Speaking of birds**t, the cardinal is back and hanging out on the inside edge of the lantana pot. He was eating the bugs, pooping into the pot and then tapping at the bottom of the deck window at his image. Now I know why my lantana is so healthy.

Hang in there, Colleen, I will try to make it to thirteen... some Thursday...but don't hold me to a theme ;-)


  1. The image of the fall colors - beautiful.
    Love reading all of your comments.
    Wonder how long your bird friend will hang around. Maybe all winter!!

  2. I laughed hard at several of your comments, but the one about hormones was a real hoot.

    Many photos of the fall leaves have been posted, but your is the most beautiful. The composition is great; I love the mailbox in the photo. The colors are so vivid. Very nice job.

  3. I can't believe you made it to ten! Congratulations. I have not ever been able to do that.

    Cindy was probably staying in the hotel and using the spa services.

  4. Ph.D.--Piled high and deep.

    Bear((( )))

  5. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Haha! I haven't said this out loud to anyone but Joe, let alone write it: My only regret was that gorgeous Michele had worn a different dress.

    Now I'm going to be wondering all day what happened to Cindy.

    This was a fun read!

  6. i soooooo agreee, colleen, about that dress. i could not believe my eyes. it reminded me of halloween.

    tabor, in my opinion after all these years of condi rice being an ego boost for bush (a nice way of saying A** kisser), i am ready for her to go to stanford and stay there! (i like colin powell or bill richardson for that job.)

    this post was quite fun to read.

  7. Sky, I just think that she worked so hard on some issues she might be a faster start for this admin. There are a lot of good people out there. And I agree with both Colleen and you about that dress---what was up with that?


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