Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reveling in My Genetics

The images set by television are so insidious in their effect on how we view ourselves and decide what is beautiful and what is not. Certainly in this American culture aging is not beautiful. We must plump the lines, pull up the sags, remove the spots, dye the hair, remove the protruding veins, and in general strive for Stepfordness in any way that we can afford. If you don't look good then you are not good. Of course this change is for those in their 40's (and idiots in their 30's). All the rest of us are over the hill and no amount of tweaking is going to bring us back into the mover and shaker fold.

I have succumbed to thinking about this calling vanity. I would like to pull up the sags so that I don't look so grumpy and tired. I am much happier and perkier than I look! But I am also cheap and cannot allow myself the expense for that vanity.

My husband and I were watching a show on television and there was some comment by one of the characters regarding baldness and thinning hair. The woman in the TV show deleted the male character from her "Candidates to Date" list due to his receding hairline.

I mentioned to my husband (who is almost bald) how I like guys with hair but also find baldness very sexy...which I do. I mean picture Jean Luc Piccard with hair? Puhleeze! I like my husband's wisp of silver that barely covers the top of his little pointed head.

My husband, who has never had any sense of vanity in his life, smiled and said:
"I revel in my genetics."

And shouldn't we all.


  1. Yes, we should. I also deplore my wrinkles and sags, but they are better than the alternative, and I can't afford nor would I want plastic surgery!

  2. Yes! I'm thinking of going grey now that it's at 50%. lol My wrinkles I don't mind but tubular boobs...argh! Piccard is so HOT!

  3. My sister used to have a crush on the bald guy from Sha, Na, Na and a co-worker had a thing for Patrick Stewart (she was a cute 20 year old!).

    We now have Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, Samuel Jackson, and I wouldn't dream of forgetting Sean Connery.

    Even the girls are getting in on the action by shaving their heads!

    I have heard some speak of Telly Savalas and Yul Brenner as sexy.

    I'd say your husband is in good company.


  4. My husband, Sam, "revels in his genetics" also and I think he looks GREAT.

  5. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I like your husband's perspective! mlof fullfath.

  6. I've got a baldie with a wisp of silver on top - I wouldn't change a hair, that is I wouldn't if he had one. I remember the thick dark mop that had such nice curls at the nape - just as he remembers my swanlike neck, now defunct. Quits.


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