Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thoughts #2

(Musings based on Colleen's approach to Thursdays. I do have 13 this time and snub my nose at superstition.)

1) Watching the Cavuto show on Fox which I never watch but did this time because I was too lazy to change the channel. Ann Coulter was channeling demons with the 'Culture of Terrorism' speech that she said the Democrats are spreading. Boy after that I really need a Margherita. (Personally I think she needs more s*x.)

2) Walking home in the sun from work and smelling the freshly washed plants and the chocolate earth renews my soul. I am not meant to spend large amounts of time indoors.

3) At my wedding there were only about 20 people and none of them were blood relatives or any type of family relation to either my husband or myself. The youngest was 11 and the oldest was 80.

4) The lady who is doing my house blessing has gotten her chickens in...a bunch of different types.

5) I have started a draft entry for my two year blog. It is getting complicated.

6) Because I live in an apartment above another apartment I cannot exercise in the early morning when I am metabolically ready...exercising in the late afternoon after work is hard for me. I am skipping a lot of afternoons.

7) The first piece of furniture/equipment that is going into the new house this week is the new elliptical machine. I think(?) we have our priorities straight.

8) My daughter is going through a rough time and I don't know quite how to help her although I am full of advice. But right now I am biting my tongue.

9) I always wonder what it is about families that face tragedy and heal together versus families that fall apart.

10) My sweet niece that lost her mother (my middle sister) when she was 13 just graduated from high school. I wish I was more a part of her life.

11) A pair of woodpeckers live in the woods outside our new house. Guess we won't cut down all those dead trees right away. They get really noisy when they are together. I can't tell if they are squabbling or just getting life straightened out.

12) Why are carpenters so hot? I mean there is something really sexy about a well-shaped guy sawing a board. The smell of freshly sawed wood is also an aphrodisiac.

13) Final county permit approved today. Now tomorrow is supposed to be the occupancy permit. I did the Lilliput dance around my office and got people to shake my hand!


  1. Number 12! Yes! My neighbor one house away is having an entire addition added to their house and this particular carpenter is shirtless every day.

  2. I identified strongly with everything you said here, and I wish I could share the carpenter across the street with you. He is probably young enough to be my grandson (shucks) but what a vision he is in his workboots, his jeans and hard hat and no shirt.

  3. Occupancy!! Hoo boy, we have been waiting for this.

    And please let the woodpeckers be, no matter how noisy they get. They love you, you know.

  4. I wish I could see that Lilliput dance! LOL It's always best to bite tongue! LOL

  5. I just had to Google "elliptical machine". My exercise is bellringing and t'ai chi - not very aerobic but it keeps me happy!

  6. Ann Coulter needs an -- no, Ann Coulter is an enema.
    I don't have woodpeckers. I have crows and ravens. Loud, those puppies are loud. But, I love 'em so I'm glad they're there.

  7. Anonymous12:32 PM

    You definately got the flow of the 13 on a roll here!


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