Saturday, June 10, 2006

String Theory?

Sometimes I find that my life is running in a theme. Or perhaps not. Perhaps I just see things with a different skew depending on events.

I spent about an hour trying to untangle this silver necklace above. It is one of those long single strand necklaces---reminded me of the beads we wore back in the 'hippy' days. I bought it at a kiosk about a month ago and placed it carefully in a jewlery bag. When I took it out to wear it for the first time this past week I discovered that it had been impatient to get out and had tied itself in knots. This first hour of trying to untie knots has taken much patience and I have made about 15% progress. So, if I devote a good part of my life to this task, I may actually wear this someday. It is a test of patience.

I went down to the house we are building yesterday and there were lots of loose ends that I wish I could tie up. We had taken the 1,000 pieces of hardware for our masterbedroom closet and were eager to at least begin this task of installation. Unfortunately, we soon realized that there was still too much builders' junk in there to even begin to start an installation. There are lots of other little things still as well. My towel bars are too wide for the small bathrooms with little wall space and I don't know if the builder can return them...are they going to be an ebay entanglement? There are about 4 new holes in the walls as if they were looking for something---maybe something tangled behind the sheetrock? Another test of patience.

And last and certainly not least, my husband's medical report that I had blogged about a while back did not come back benign. It is not an aggressive thing and he is a good candidate for the least invasive procedure (sort of like gardening where they plant seeds (!)) but it is still an entanglement from which we wish to extricate ourselves as soon as possible as well as another test of patience that we have to get through. I am not the type of blogger who feels better blogging about this stuff, so you will not read all the details from here. You all have enough entanglements and tests of patience in your own lives.

Well, I shall disentangle myself from this chair and get another cup of coffee before I start my well-deserved weekend that I have so patiently been waiting for.


  1. Of course, the most important thing is that you have your health. All the rest of the stuff can be worked out easily in due time. I can understand that antsy feeling though, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything works out - especially this health issue regarding your husband.

  2. I wish you a speedy disentanglement from all the issue trying your patience.

  3. Tabor, I am sending many good wishes your way, hoping that the treatment recommended for your hubby is not fraught with too much difficulty or unpleasantness.

    Good luck with the necklace! I am always so fascinated about how these knots occur in my own jewelry cases. It is like the jewlery dances while we are sleeping! ;)

  4. Tabor, I so hope that everything works out perfectly for your husband and that there is little or no discomfort with his treatment. Tend to his (and your own of course) health and well being and cultivate patience - the entanglements have a way of working their own way through the thicket - a lovely essay on both patience and entanglement by the way. May there be blooms ahead for both of you and for the new house too.

  5. When you get that necklace untangled (no doubt you will) wear it like a badge of honor. You most certainly deserve it.

  6. Tabor

    I liked reading your post on entaglements. It seems to me that life has a way of throwing complications at us that can tie us up in knots. I share your frustration and I hope one day to learn patience myself.

    Your husband is getting the same treatment that a friend of ours had over 15 years ago and he has had complete success . I wish the same outcome for your loved one.

    I am going to picture you two in your new home this fall sitting by a roaring fire, with a fine snow softly falling outside. You both have a lovely glass of red wine and are perfectly content and warm and safe.

  7. Tabor I'm SO wishing good things for you and for your husband as he goes through this journey. Good lord is it ever hard to hit this age when things start to wear out or break down. Here's hoping your body mechanic (doctors) do a fine and swift job getting your husband back in good health!

    As to the necklace entanglement reference - I can relate to this on two levels. I inherited a few fine silver chains and necklaces from my mom and as they sat in my jewelry box, they too acquired many tiny knots. I've spent hours trying to right them, but every so often I have to just put them away and forget it till I can accrue more patience again! :)

  8. I'm wishing your husband's entanglement to go smoothly :)

    I'm certainly relating to your frustrations on the house. It's an overwelming task!!!!!!

    I would have walked away much sooner on the necklace. Pretty though.

    Hugs to you both!

  9. Patience is exactly the prescription. Building a house can bring many frustrations.
    But eventually it is over and you get to move in.


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