Saturday, October 08, 2005

Tonight's Dinner

since you asked.

I bought a selection of lamb loin. It was already sliced very thin and elegantly as the Asians do so well. I marinated it in a Korean barbeque marinade. This comes in a package which I mix with water and has LOTS of garlic. It would taste the best over a grill, but we are grill-deprived these days. Then we are cooking some oriental egg noodles in salted water.

I also purchased those lovely small eggplants that are always better when purchased at the Korean market for some reason. They get sliced and pealed and then fried lightly in a corn oil with sesame oil and I make a sauce of soy, water, sugar, sesame seeds, and kaffir lime leaves chopped which I pour over the eggplant.

This is dinner with a nice white wine. It stinks up the kitchen big time, but tastes good.


  1. Thank you for the precise description of the gorgeous dinner. I'm getting hungry.

  2. Too late. I already put in a cup of sugar. Would congo lime leaves sop it up? Is there such a thing as congo lime leaves?

    (That sounds wonderful, Tabor. You get to grill NEXT year.)

    (Yes, I make up my Favorite word. There are quite a few words in the dictionary, you may have noticed, that could mean lots of things.)


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