Saturday, July 30, 2005

Time is a-wasting

Today is another 'free' day for me. I actually think if my retirement comes about like this I will love it and be able to adjust. Early this morning before I got up, Hubby disappeared on a canoe/fishing trip with the boss on his favorite river. I have this small apartment to clean--should take only a couple of hours--finished laundry yesterday. After that I need to run some errands. I have a baby shower coming up and while I ordered stuff from the new mother's registry on-line, I really want to add some personal items myself. Any unique ideas from you new mothers?

Then I will go to the wine store and stock up for the next few weeks. I have been really neglectful with my wineblog, but I haven't not had reflective time to do it justice---just lots of drinking time while I pour over the blueprints.

Then, my 'sweet' daughter called yesterday to "see how we were doing" on our new house errands. At the end of the conversation she got around to why she had really called. She needed a babysitter for Saturday night so that she and hubby could take the cousin who is now her daycare person to a concert as a break. Fortunately, I have no real nightlife, so told her I would come down and babysit with my favorite person in all the world tonight. Somehow my first day of the weekend is chock full and I have only finished my second cup of guess I better get to work.


  1. Hmm my baby shower was nearly 5 years ago and I hardly remember it! But then, my brain tends to be in a fog when I'm pregnant. I will say that the one thing I don't have enough of are photo albums or photo frames for all my kids' photos, especially from infancy. I've figured out that my kids get so many pictures taken of them at that age because they're not mobile enough to run away from me. Even a purse-sized "brag book" would be nice, which is the one thing I used to get in trouble for not having. But then, I saw my kids all the time, 24/7 when they were really little, so why would I need photos of them in my purse when they're glued to my hip? :)

  2. I just ran across this place this afternoon, not three miles from my house. I am going to see if a couple of my sisters want to make our own wine!

    Good luck on your baby shower. My niece is due in October. There are some great things out there!

  3. Anonymous3:43 AM

    Thank you for visiting mine and commenting on my post about the loss of an Internet friend.

    I also am beginning to think about retirement - what will I do with the time? Will I be able to remain motivated etc? No doubt by the time it happens all will be revealed!

    Wine - I am fortunate in being able to visit France fairly regularly, but I still like many of the New World wines - Hardy's Nottage Hill range is always reliable in my view!


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