Sunday, May 29, 2005

Things I will Miss and not Miss

I will miss those spontaneous conversations in the late afternoon when our paths crossed before he headed out to work at night.

I will miss his help in lifting, moving, mowing.

I will miss the young people who occasionally dropped by to go somewhere with him.

I will miss the smell of his aftershave.

I will miss his hugs.


I will not miss scattered pennies on every floor of the house.

I will not miss turning lights off that have been left on all night or the refrigerator or microwave or dryer door that gets left ajar.

I will not miss two months of laundry piled high on the floor.

I will not miss dirty glasses EVERYWHERE.

I will not miss dirty dishes in the sink.

I will not miss having to be quiet on Saturday mornings until noon.


  1. Your post reminded me of the time I was getting ready to drive my son up to college. I was putting on my mascara and the tears just won't stop coming.

    It is hard to let go but letting go, we must.

  2. It just seems that I have done this goodbye thing several times--two colleges! He is now twenty-six and financially it is so hard for this generation to get out on their own!


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