Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Unusually easy day for me today. Only my son and his friend are joining us. Daughter and her husband are eating at the In-laws. We will join them on Saturday for a wedding and brunch on Sunday with the in-laws in Philadelphia.

So since only the four of us (can't remember when we have been this small over the holidays) I have not tried to kill myself with the cooking. We are having a cranberry stuffed turkey breast, separate sage stuffing,pear and fennel salad with spring greens and blue cheese, buttered sweet potatoes with the required marshmallow topping, herbed green beans with ham, creamed peas and pearl onions, and the traditional pumpkin pie with whipped cream (back-up is an apple walnut cake with vanilla ice cream.) (I forgot to get the rolls--oh well.)

Going to put out some pre-dinner snacks now.

I hope that everyone feels peace today, whether they are with relatives they like or don't like, friends or just on their own.


  1. Such a feast! I wish I could see a picture of the dishes. How was the wedding held last Sunday? Did you have a good time in Philadelphia?

  2. What a great menu, especially that back up apple walnut cake with ice cream. Yum!

    For the first time in a very long time I was home by myself on Thanksgiving,had a bad cold, stayed home and drank, drank, drank and it was not hard liquor.




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