Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Happy scary Halloween! I have always enjoyed Halloween, making the costumes, scaring the kids and eating all the candy they don't eat. I haven't even started to decorate the house and I am gone all weekend at a wedding. Maybe next week. I still need to buy candy! The picture above was a lovely old barn I took on a hike on Sunday. I tweaked with the software and it looks spooky, no?


  1. Yes, it looks very spooky. What software do you use
    to tweak it? I am still stuck in zoomquilt.

  2. I use Paint Shop Pro by Jasc. They have two packages.
    Paint Shop Pro: $129 Paint Shop Pro Studio: $79 I have to use it for web stuff at work and so bought a package for home. A little steep learning curve, but simple stuff can be done right away.


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